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The #1 tips to help you build the perfect candle boxes

 Who doesn’t love a candle that leaves their house smelling great? Therefore, customers are always in search of the best candles. So, how can you catch customers’ attention and bring them toward your candles? The answer is simple; it’s the packaging that can help you grab people's attention and ultimately increase your sales as well. 

Using eye-catching and unique boxes is critical for boosting your sales and increasing brand recognition. So, if you are looking for effective strategies for designing phenomenal custom candle boxes, read this till the end.

Start with selecting a box that fits


Packaging companies offer numerous designs when it comes to packaging. Hence, you can use any box design you deem the best for the candles. Furthermore, you can also personalize the size and shape of the boxes as you want. It is also necessary to ensure that the box you choose is easy to use. Thus, to give your customers a great unboxing experience, it is vital to pick a box that is easy to use. Some of the designs you can use for candle packaging boxes are: 

• Sleeve boxes. 

• Two-piece boxes. 

• Tuck-end boxes. 

• Window boxes. 

• Mailer boxes. 

In addition to this, you can also include inserts in the candle boxes packaging as well. Inserts keep the candles in their place and restrict them from moving around the box. Thus, this increases the security of the candles and prevents damage. Moreover, it also enables you to organize the candles in the boxes neatly. You can use cardboard, paper, blister, and punch inserts for custom candle shadow boxes. 

Use quality material for best results 

Material is another factor that dramatically affects wholesale candle boxes. Hence, choosing a good quality and durable material is crucial for sturdy boxes. Boxes made of such material maintain their shape longer. Additionally, they also keep the candles damage-free as well. Moreover, packaging companies offer different materials so you can pick the one you think is best for you. 

For instance, you can use corrugated material for the boxes. This resilient material is mostly used for shipping purposes; however, it is excellent for custom candle boxes wholesale. Similarly, cardstock is another great choice for you. Cardstock is thick and durable, so it keeps the candles safe and sound. Furthermore, it can be used to create strong boxes at a reasonable price. 

On the other hand, kraft material is perfect for you if you are searching for an environmentally friendly alternative. This unique material helps you create tealight candle boxes that are not only durable but biodegradable and recyclable as well. 

Create appealing boxes with the right design



Numerous companies in the market offer unique candles. So, the best way to make your candles stand out is with the help of distinctive custom candle boxes. Customers mostly purchase a product, including candles, that catches their eye first. Hence, making a good first impression is necessary for attracting more customers. 

There are different ways to achieve the perfect design for the custom Chanukah candle boxes. For example, colors are an excellent way to set your candles apart from the rest. Moreover, you can also choose a color similar or identical to the candles’ color as well. Nevertheless, you can experiment with various color combinations and choose whichever suits you best. Packaging companies also allow you to select the color model for the boxes as well. The available models are: 

• CMYK. 

• PMS. 

In addition to this, you can also use add-ons to make your packaging look high-end and elegant. Add-ons can help you elevate the boxes’ design and make it look luxurious without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the add-ons you can use for designing magnificent custom luxury candle boxes: 

• Embossing. 

• Debossing. 

• Foil stamping. 

• Spot UV. 

• Die-cutting. 

• PVC windows. 

Set your packaging apart with personalized printing 

Apart from the design, the primary details that set your packaging apart are the logo and the brand name. This helps people know which brand’s candles they are using. So, it makes it easier for them to find your candles again. Additionally, it also helps increase brand recognition, as well. So, you can make use of customizable printing to include a unique logo and brand name in the design. Moreover, you can use it to include necessary details regarding the candles on the candle gift boxes.  

You can pick a printing technique that meets your requirements. Packaging companies provide the following three options for custom printed candle boxes

• Flexography printing. 

• Digital printing. 

• Offset printing. 

Don't keep your amazing candles hidden


It is necessary to design innovative and unique packaging to attract more customers and increase your sales. Hence you can pique the customers’ interest by giving them a glimpse of your amazing candles.  You can create candle boxes with windows with the help of two add-ons die-cutting and PVC windows. 

So, you can add die-cut windows to the boxes of any shape and size you want. These windows are also covered up with PVC, so the safety of the candles is not compromised. This is an excellent way to make your display better and outstanding. 

Choose UrgentBoxes for your packaging requirements 

UrgentBoxes is a place where you can any packaging solution you are searching for. This US-based packaging company offers a wide variety of personalized packaging options for its clients. Furthermore, they create the best custom-made candle boxes with high-quality materials. For more details about clear candle boxes, you can head over to their website or contact their helpline as well. as well.


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