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The #1 effective way to improve your boxes

Hemp oil is used by people all over the world due to its numerous health benefits. Thus, it is produced by various companies as well. Therefore, it is essential to make your hemp oil packaging attractive to stand out among other similar products. Beautiful boxes are also a useful tool for the marketing and promotion of your hemp oil as well.  

If you’re thinking about upgrading your hemp oil boxes as well, these tips will help you out. 

Focus on the material


Hemp oil is available in glass bottles, which are quite fragile. Thus, it is necessary to choose a resilient material. Such material will protect the glass bottles from breaking and thus preserve the hemp oil as well. Moreover, a sturdy and high-quality material will give a longer shelf life to the box and the hemp oil. Hence, by choosing a sturdy material, you'll be able to provide your customers with your best services. 

Cardstock is a commonly chosen material for these boxes. It is durable, thick, and inexpensive as well. Thus, it is an affordable choice for keeping glass bottles safe. Similarly, you can use rigid material for packaging hemp oil as well. The rigid material is thicker than cardstock and exceptionally resilient. It keeps the bottles and the hemp oil free from damage. 

In addition to this, you can also pick kraft material as well. Kraft material is not only strong but biodegradable, recyclable, and environment-friendly as well. This makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing custom hemp oil boxes without harming the environment.  

Customize your design to fit your requirements 

One of the great things about packaging hemp oil is that you can choose any design for your boxes. Moreover, you can also change the size and shape to fit the hemp oil bottles. However, it is vital to choose a design that is attractive and easy to use, as well. The different designs mostly used for this purpose are: 

● Tuck-end boxes. 

● Sleeve boxes. 

● Seal-end boxes.  

Moreover, you can also select a suitable coating g to make the boxes’ design look even better. For instance, you can choose a gloss coating, which will give your box a glossy and shiny finish. Or you can choose matte coating if you do not want a polished finish. 

Similarly, colors are also a great way to enhance the design of your boxes. A unique color scheme can significantly improve the design of the CBD Hemp Oil Boxes. Moreover, colors are also useful for catching customer’s attention as well. You can also make your color combinations look even more enticing by choosing a suitable color model. The color models you can use are CMYK and PMS. 

Convey important details through customizable printing


Hemp oil has several different beneficial uses. Therefore, the box's printed content should communicate the necessary details that customers should know before making a purchase. These details may include the purpose and directions for use, expiration date, and any other additional ingredients. Furthermore, it is vital to highlight the distinctive qualities of your serum boxes as well. This will impress customers and compel them to buy your company’s hem oil. In addition to this, it is crucial to add the logo and brand name as well. This addition will help in the branding and marketing process, as well. Furthermore, it will also help your boxes stand out when they are on display. 

To make the printed content look alluring, you can choose suitable font styles, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, you can also pick a printing technique of your choice. Every technique has different characteristics, which makes it appropriate for various purposes. The printing techniques available for custom printed hemp oil boxes are: 

● Digital printing. 

● Flexography printing. 

● Lithographic printing. 

Prioritize the safety of the bottles 

Hemp oil bottles are easily breakable. So, they may break or get damaged during deliveries or in any similar situations. Thus, it is necessary to take extra precautions, even if you are using resilient materials. Therefore, you can solve this problem by adding inserts to your boxes. Inserts keep the bottles in their place. Thus, the bottle does not get displaced, even if the box falls. Furthermore, using inserts is crucial while shipping your cannabis oil boxes to any location. This will keep the bottles safe and reduce your loss as well.  

The inserts you can use for custom hemp oil packaging are: 

● Carboard. 

● Paper. 

● Blite. 

● Punch inserts.  

Add-ons can make your boxes better than ever


If you are looking for a way to make your boxes even more elegant and enticing, then using add-ons is a great idea. They can make enhance your basic customizations and make them look better than ever. Furthermore, packaging companies offer several add-ons that can be used in any way you wish. 

For instance, you can use embossing for engraving your logo to make it look magnificent. Similarly, spot UV is a type of coating which gives both gloss and matte effects. Other useful add-ons include foil stamping, debossing, die-cutting, and PVC windows. 

Collaborate with UrgentBoxes for quality packaging 

If you are looking for a company for ordering new and upgraded boxes, then UrgentBoxes is a suitable choice. UrgentBoxes is a US-based packaging company that offers various solutions for any packaging-related problems. At UrgentBoxes, you can easily order your desired customized hemp oil boxes. Also, they offer free delivery all over the USA. 

If you have any queries related to their services, you can visit their website or contact their customer support as well.


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