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Summoning Skill: How Familiar Are You With RuneScape Familiars?


Staying true to its medieval setting, RuneScape’s (RS3) quests and battles are not complete without some magical creatures. Inspired by European folklore, supernatural entities that take the form of earthly animals act as the loyal guardians, protectors, or servers of witches. These are called familiar spirits (familiars).


While RS3 players are obviously not witches and wizards, the members-only combat skill called empowers them to evoke living beings, such as pets and familiars. The latter is a creature that helps questers enhance their gameplay with skilling, combat, carrying items and various other tasks. Players summon them by consuming a specific pouch related to the familiar they wish to call upon.

Summoning requires at least two elements to call familiars and use their abilities: Summoning level and Summoning points. While trading RS3 and/or OSRS buy gold online helps the former case, you can recharge said points by just simply interacting with small and large obelisks.


10 best familiars: Ranged from the lowest to highest summoning level


Like pets and NPCs, players can only have one familiar, and the game offers more than 50. So, based on summoning levels, timers, life points, and combat styles, below are some of the 10 best familiars to consider.


Take note of each creature’s timers. On 31 March 2008, Jagex’s third Summoning update changed their timers to a more limited amount of time per pouch. In other words, they instantly disappear when the timer runs out.


Spirit Wolf


  • Level: 1
  • Timer: 6 minutes
  • Life points: 1,100
  • Combat style: Melee


While Summoning is a members-only skill, free-to-play (F2P) players can train it up to level 5. So, whether you are a member or an F2P player, all new RS3 users get to encounter the spirit wolf. Despite its relatively low level, it’s effective in combat due to its 1,100 LP and 72 max hit. 

Even better, its special move, named the Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl), causes most monsters to retreat for a short distance, which gives you enough time and space to escape.




  • Level: 4
  • Timer: 40 minutes
  • Life points: 2,000
  • Combat style: Non-combatant


Meerkats are not efficient in battles because their timer and LP are solely for retrieving Treasure Trail caskets. With the Meerkat scroll, they can complete coordinate clue scrolls without causing much attention for powerful wizards like Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak to attack.


Spirit Tz-Kih


  • Level: 22
  • Timer: 18 minutes
  • Life points: 3,200
  • Combat style: Magic

Most familiars’ combat style is melee, and the spirit tz-kih is one of the few that has a magic-based attack. It’s the spiritual equivalent of a monster of the same name found in the TzHaar Fight Pit. Using the Fireball Assault as the special move, it can hit up to at least five nearby enemies. Each of the attacks drains 2% of their Prayer points. 


Spirit kalphite


  • Level: 25
  • Timer: 22 minutes
  • Life points: 9,500
  • Combat style: Melee

Aside from varying combat stats, another thing to look out for in a familiar is if it’s a Beast of Burden. Often shortened into BoB, it’s a type of familiar that can carry players’ items. In its case, the spirit kalphite can hold six extra items, excluding runes or pure essence. If that already excites you, then wait until you hear its special move called Sandstorm, where the damage inflicted to up to five nearby opponents is unknown.


Giant chinchompa


  • Level: 29
  • Timer: 31 minutes
  • Life points: 3,900
  • Combat style: Ranged

Next to a magic-based combat style, familiars with ranged-based attacks are uncommon in Gielinor. The giant chinchompa possesses a very special move called Explode. Far from what you might have expected, the ability causes the familiar itself to explode and damagingly land on nearby enemies.


Void torcher


  • Level: 34
  • Timer: 94 minutes
  • Life points: 4,400
  • Combat style: Magic

Of all the special moves mentioned on this list, elemental powers are classic and powerful. The void torcher uses the Call to Arms (Void scroll) to teleport the player directly to the Void Knights’ Outpost. Yet when it’s used during combat, the basic attack comes with flames, bringing much more damage to the enemies. 


Evil turnip


  • Level: 42
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Life points: 5,200
  • Combat style: Ranged

As a creature that belongs to the vegetable race, you can guess by now what it does to players. The funny thing here is that its name is a bit ironic. Far from being evil, it actually scours Evil turnip slices that restore health when eaten. Its special move, called Evil Flames, is a magic-based attack that drains the enemies’ ranged level. 


War tortoise


  • Level: 67
  • Timer: 43 minutes
  • Life points: 30,500
  • Combat style: Melee

Next to the spirit kalphite, the war tortoise is a BoB. It can hold up to 18 items and with a value of up to 5 million coins, making it the fourth-best general-use BoB and the ideal choice for mid to high-level summoners. Its special move is Testudo (War Tortoise scroll), which can briefly boost your defence by at least eight points.


Spirit pack pig (tier 3)


  • Level: 84
  • Timer: 55 minutes
  • Life points: 39,000
  • Combat style: Melee


The spirit pack pig evolves in three tiers, starting from Summoning level 14 to 84. All of them are another BoB familiar. The latter tier can hold up to 22 slots in 55 minutes. However, that’s not all there is. Its special move, called the Bacon Blast, can fire deadly bacon at a target. We don’t know how but, then again, they are magical creatures.


Steel titan


  • Level: 99
  • Timer: 64 minutes
  • Life points: 10,900
  • Combat style: Ranged


Along with Sachem skinweaver and Pack mammoth, the steel titan is the highest level familiar, which is also the highest level of achievement in this game. With a summoning level of 99, the number of gold pieces must surely be quite a number. Once you have managed to do so, perhaps you could consider trading RS3 to OSRS buy gold at piegp(dot)com online to explore Old School RuneScape (OSRS). 


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