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Strengthening Family Bonds During Pandemic

Strengthening Family Bonds During PandemicSTRENGTHENING

Families have been spending more time together than ever before during the pandemic. Parents working from home and children learning from home coupled with canceled sports and hobby activities means families are together often. Though this is a scary time for many people, taking advantage of this time together can help families grow closer to one another.

Be More Present

Working and learning from home means that people are spending a large amount of their time on a technological device. Cell phones, computers and tablets are also being used to connect with friends in the outside world and as entertainment. Take time to put away devices and be present with one another. Setting aside a few hours a day as a time for no devices may help everyone be more present and in the moment.

Listen to One Another

It’s important to really listen to one another during this time. Children and teenagers need an opportunity to vent and express their struggles without fear of being judged or in getting into trouble. Likewise, adults also need to feel listened to by their spouse, partner or friends. Feeling heard can help everyone feel important and necessary.

Stay Connected to Others

Families were used to spending time with other people before stay-at-home orders began. Taking time to nurture these relationships can give families a necessary break from one another. Use social media, apps, handwritten letters or emails to check in on other family members and friends.

Find Ways to Serve One Another

Studies show that doing things for other people brings more happiness than doing things for ourselves. Looking for ways to help family members can make others feel cared for and increase happiness throughout the family. Throw in a load of laundry for a child, buy a favorite snack for a spouse or leave encouraging notes for one another.

Make Time for Fun

Many entertainment options have been cut off due to shutdowns, but it doesn’t mean that a family still can’t have fun. Make time to have fun with each other by playing games, getting active outside or having a movie night together.

Though the pandemic has been hard on everyone, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be some positive aspects of it. Growing together as a family by building relationships, listening and having fun can strengthen a family’s bonds forever.

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