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Standing on the promises

Promises are little statements that mean quite a lot to us. They are the phrases that enable us to believe in the security o the future. Promises are words and their meanings that we trust, we hold to them, and based on them we act.

So what happens when this trust is broken, shattered on the ground? How do we recover from this failure of a promise? Throughout the years most of us have stopped believing in the promise. We take these sets of words with what we call a grain of salt. Half expecting that the words spoken will not come to pass. And in truth in many to most cases more than half expecting the words to fail. So instead of a handshake, we sign a contract. Instead of trust, we have paperwork.

Promises, those fleeting phrases that we want to believe but rarely do. A statement made should carry the weight of the character of the one speaking and in fact, truly does. Your word is the demonstration of your character. Failure of your word is in fact the demonstration of the failure of your character. Now again things happen that can upset the apple cart in some unique cases. And in these rare events, a proper explanation can heal the breach of trust.

Standing on the promises has everything to do with trusting the character of the one giving you the promise. Is their character worthy of trust? Is their reputation solid? Do they give their word in situations under which they actually have no control? Do they set themselves up to fail, simply expecting you to accept that they are not at fault since another was the cause? Is there any wonder we now depend on paper, not people?

We continue to say we trust, but we ask for paper anyway. We say a lot of things for social lubrication, but believe quite the contrary in many situations. This reality begs the question, what is our word worth? What is our character? Can others trust us? Or do we too simply look for the excuse that will let us off the hook?

My word is my bond at one time meant something, you could stand on that promise. Now? How about your word, your promise? Is it worth something or is it simply hot air escaping your lips simply for social lubrication? What is your character?

Please feel no judgment or condemnation from these words. They are spoken so you can think, ponder and consider. Each of us knows our own heart and the truth of our lips. I am simply asking, thinking out loud, hoping that character still matters.

May your day be filled with an adventure you can tell your friends about!


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Pascal Derrien

1 month ago #1

There is a song from Incubus called promises promises I wont promise its your taste but the lyrics sound promising  Incubus - Promises, Promises lyrics - YouTube

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