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Addiction is basically a disorder or the brain’s reward system. The repeated exposure to substances or alcohol causes a variety of intense yet short-lived pleasurable effects that can alter the brain’s functioning and quickly turn into a pattern of misuse, which leads to addiction. Presently, there is no medication approved by the U.S FDA to treat cocaine addiction. Still, scientifically detox, therapies, counseling, and treatments can increase the hope and possibilities in the highly addictive never-ending dark tunnel.

The Luminous Care is here to help you navigate throughout the recovery journey of addiction. Whether you have been taking cocaine occasionally or binging regularly, Cocaine Addiction Treatment in South Florida can be your partner in your voyage of sobriety, heading you in the right direction and encouraging you in achieving landmarks or milestones.

How long does addiction recovery take?

The recovery term has its timeline relevant to intensity, willingness, and treatment offered to the patient.

Some consider struggling with addiction, and the recovery treatment process has a definable end, but the fact is recovery is a lifelong process that needs to be maintained and strived consistently over the years, even after the end of the treatment program.

Every stage of recovery demands complex strategies and tailored approaches to treat each individual. However, five main stages of recovery are apportioned as Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. These stages are phycologists created for lasting recovery when tackling to achieve significant life change.

Let’s elaborate and get insights into each stage;

  • Pre Contemplation

A pre-contemplation stage can be stated, where the person denies admitting to themselves that they endure and are deeply indulged in an addiction problem. They might be going through motions, legal troubles, denial from loved ones, and other major reasons, but they are still unaware of the severity of the situation.

During the pre-contemplation stage, addicts find ways to escape from the conversations about addiction or recklessly avoid those who bring them up. Intervention during the first stage can suffer intense denial while addicts blame outside factors, genetic predispositions, physical complications, etc.

Motivating and encouraging someone in the pre-contemplation stage can be tricky and challenging, but professionals can subtly handle the situation.

  • Contemplation

At this stage, the addicts embrace the thought of implementing change, but they are still struggling to comprehend the root cause of their addiction and hesitant of how to level up in recovery. Addicts might bulge up drinks or abuse drugs during the stage (if they are not in rehabs), but they don’t get kicks, and increased euphoria feel till the extent, even if they are intensifying their dose. Contemplators have feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression, and others that might lead to threatening issues. Family and friends play a crucial role in this stage. They need to help addicts focus on a future free from substance abuse rather than lingering on past mistakes. Once they manage to accept it, it’s time to steer their journey to the next stage – RECOVERY through Cocaine Addiction treatment in Florida.

  • Preparation

Sometimes the preparation stage is eliminated from the journey when they have a strong desire, motivation and see themselves as having a substance use disorder. Preparation is a valuable stage. Those who have reached the preparation stage need to take a pledge of abstinence from drugs or alcohol while getting admission to rehabilitation facilities. The experienced staff, counselors, health managers at wellness centers can guide and unfold factors that allow addicts to gradually settle into reality and understand the root cause of the problem. Once they are committed to advancing to a plan of action, the journey is likely to lead smoothly.

  • Action

The action stage is the foundation of long-term sobriety. The action stage is unpredictable; some might take months while others take longer, depending upon surrounding and changes implemented in their behavior. However, vulnerability is commonly experienced during this stage. An accredited rehabilitation facility of Cocaine Addiction Treatment in South Florida can help you stay firm and focus more on sobriety.

  • Maintenance

One of the most underrated phases of a recovery voyage is ‘maintenance.’ Recovery is a heap of dedication, inner strength, efforts, and time rather than a single event. After the action phase, an addict must level up to the maintenance phase. Once they accomplish their tasks and treatment in an addiction center, they might return home and faces myriad situations that provoke triggers and drag them to substance use or alcohol. They must remain consistently loyal to sobriety by bonding with Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous community and meetings.

Remember, sobriety is not a destination; it’s a long and never-ending journey that could be simplified with endurance, compassion, and commitment.

A Successful recovery required dedication, support, commitment, therapies, and treatments. The Luminous Care is dedicated to helping each transition of addiction recovery. From inception to implementing treatment regimen, we emphasize granular aspects to see you succeed and accomplish your sobriety journey. Find out more about addiction treatment programs; buzz up at  or send us your enquiry at Or Contact us - 833-422-5585

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