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So you choose wrong that does not mean it is the end of the world


We all fear making bad decisions, from buying the wrong shoes to booking the wrong flight on vacation. But then there are the real decisions that we have to make each and every day. These decisions that we make each day are the make or break choices that prove or inform us if we are successful. These daily decisions are the building blocks for how we feel and how we act, each one is necessary and each one is not always thought through.

Daily decisions wither as small as what is for lunch or as large as how do I treat my coworker creates the atmosphere in which we live and interact. This atmosphere, this result of our decisions guides or at the least influences all following decisions. Having a bad lunch can result in making poor choices regarding how you act in a meeting. Leaving late for an appointment can result in feeling rushed causing you to take less time where you normally would spend more. Each decision we make has many repercussion both good and bad.

Therefore we do fear making poor decisions. But the truth is even poor decisions can result in great outcomes. Arriving late to a meeting does not have to result in feeling rushed if we are aware of ourselves. Having a poor meal does not need to encourage poor interactions with others if we are aware of our attitudes. On the contrary if we are conscious of a poor result to one of our choices the knowledge of our attitude can cause us to choose to act instead of react. So while we should do our best to make the best decisions we can, we do not need to fear making poor ones.

Choices we make create the situations we find ourselves in but they do not need to dictate the attitudes we have. Enjoy the results of choosing well and rest in the situations that encourage you but do not fear making decisions simply because you could make a mistake. Errors happen, learn what you can from them and move on. You control your attitude the atmosphere created around you only influences or guides the next decision. Make each decision as best you can, let yourself breath you are in control of you.


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