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Should you stop texting him? Find out here...


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Deciding to stop texting a guy, especially after months of correspondence, feels like a big loss. You started things off on the right foot. You enjoyed chatting. But along the way, something changed.

Conversations became shorter. He seemed less enthused. Maybe he became distracted, or just bored. Now you’re faced with the question of, when should I give up?

You do have that option. The option to start a new conversation, or share a funny joke or story, and get him involved again…

Or you can just bow out and leave the chatroom forever. And usually, it is forever, because most guys that are bored or tired of a text conversation, won’t come crawling back.

So the question is, what are some situations that would merit a full stop? When do you know when it’s officially time to give up? I think you’ll agree the following situations are a red flag, a sign from above, or whatever you want to call it.

This is “IT” - the moment where you know you have to say goodbye...

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P.S. When do you stop texting him? 

Click here to learn more >> https://tinyurl. com/494pn3j9 (REMOVE SPACE IN LINK)

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