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  • PD Scullin

    Congress Votes Itself Huge Raise And Other Perks

    After yesterday鈥檚 Congressional embarrassment of flip-flopping on trying to shut down the ethics committee keeping a watchful eye on itself, ...

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  • Susan 馃悵 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess

    The FINAL Friday Funday of 2017!

    OK, who stole 2017? Wasn't it just 2010 a week or two ago? And do you remember the hoopla of 1999 turning into 2000? Wasn't that just a few ...

    3 years ago 2 min. reading time 19 comments 0 relevants

  • Randy Keho

    Doctors, Blankets, Davenports, Monkeys, and Rocking Horses

    Age 2 路 It's in our nature to become attached to things. I believe my attachments began just moments after grumpy-old Doc Walsh spanked my n ...

    4 years ago 3 min. reading time 3 comments 0 relevants

  • Robbie Newport

    3 Reasons Why Travel Trailers are the Ideal RV Choice

    cc from commons.wikimedia.org 路 Choosing and purchasing the right RV to travel and live in is an important decision to make. The right cho ...

    2 years ago 2 min. reading time 0 comments 0 relevants

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