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Roads not traveled

There are few of us who when we look back over our shoulders are unable to see at least a glimpse of the road not traveled. That road that could have been, a choice in time that would have changed everything or at the least the path we took to arrive at our destination. Those choices avoided, ignored, or indeed taken have the potential to change everything. And as a result, produce the road not taken.

These glances over our shoulders at the roads not taken have various impacts on us. At times we think about what we have lost, while other times we breathe in relief at what we have missed. Though in truth it is very rare that we actually know where that road would have taken us or what we might have learned by taking it. That is the reason we take that glance or even stop to look. What could have been?

Now it is true that those moments have passed, and those choices are gone, but what does it say for the next one? What impact does looking back have on our next choice? Do we let the missed roads encourage or discourage us as we move forward? Are we more or less prone to “risk”? 

The past is full of what-ifs. The future is full of possibilities. The next choice is standing right in front of you. What are you going to do? How many adventures await those who are willing to take that road? Playing it safe, staying close to home is reflex, easy, predictable. And truly a very valid choice, but there are times to stretch your wings and see just how far you can fly. There are times to risk failing, and indeed actually fail, for in that too we can learn so much. 

The road not traveled. The road that leads to somewhere is a road that just might be the road you ought to take. See where it goes and take the adventure it offers. Like I said before that choice is more than likely standing right before you. What will you do with it?


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Greg Rolfe

1 week ago #10

John Rylance

1 week ago #9

Greg Rolfe

1 week ago #8

Hi, @John Rylance “there are no bad choices”?  We live in different worlds. But then that too could be true.  You are referring to perspective and handling the results, and yes indeed yesterday's choices formulate tomorrow and today's success.  

John Rylance

1 week ago #7

Ken Boddie

1 week ago #6

I try and avoid looking back at past choices, Greg. Every choice is the right choice for us at that time in our lives, provided we stand up and make a choice rather than avoiding doing so, which in itself is a choice of sorts and the poorest we can make. 

If we think of each choice as a door we move through and which closes behind us, then there is no looking back. As for taking risks, that becomes much easier when we analyse the hazard in terms of probability of occurrence and potential consequential damage, then implement appropriate controls to minimise the actual risk level. 

Never die wondering, because there are no what-ifs. 

All experiences gratefully received. 

John Rylance

1 week ago #5

Given a choice I opt for the scenic route. 

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 week ago #4

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

(Robert Frost)

I like Pascal's comment! Sometimes the road not traveled wasn't meant to be.

Greg Rolfe

1 week ago #2

Pascal Derrien

1 week ago #1

I go with the flow the plan of no plans does not produce regrets :) 

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