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Reflections on Social Media

Reflections on Social Media


I haven't written that much about social media because, speaking candidly, I don't find it that interesting. I compare being on social media to eating: I love to do it, but I find talking about food and how to cook uninteresting. Not that it is on any objective scale, just that I find it so.

Similarly, I find a good deal of satisfaction writing and publishing on social media, and engaging about my views and opinions there. I just don't find that talk about things like how to best way pick up followers on Twitter, or how to use Snapchat for business promotion has much draw for me.

That said, I do have to admit to more than one rant about various social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. And I do have to admit to waxing philosophical several times about how too much time on social media may be harming us.

Earlier today, one of my fellow independent writers on LinkedIn and beBee,  Franci Eugenia Hoffman, found a nearly year-old LinkedIn post of mine that was highly critical of management actions on that social media platform, and shared it here on beBee. That got me to thinking, maybe, I should be pointing the way on beBee to some of my older LinkedIn posts about social media and the lessons to be drawn from my LinkedIn experience as several of those posts rolled up thousands of reads and hundreds of likes, comments, and shares, all without any substantive help or promotion from LinkedIn or its Pulse Editorial channel.

I realize this approach may be to run against the tide in an era when blogging is king, and blogging is generally about as focused as an un-choked shotgun blast. And when articles are rated by the platforms on which they appear by how long, on average, they take to read, one minute, two minutes, three ... or, heaven forbid seven or eight.

But, what the hell, I've always refused to condescend to my readers, to believe they were dolts with miniscule vocabularies and even tinier attention spans. And I will continue to do so, that is, continue to write at a level I believe is necessary to putting serious ideas across. (Except, of course, when I'm joking, which is a good percentage of the time.)

 So, here is a compendium of those writings, with easy-to-use live links to the posts themselves...

Please read, enjoy, and feel free to comment, whether positively or negatively, briedfly or at length.  For the name of the game is intellectual engagement.  —  Phil Friedman

Reflections on Social Media

"Arrogant Control Is Not Leadership on Social Media, or Anywhere Else"

Reflections on Social Media

"Take Your Algorithm and Shove It !"

Reflections on Social Media

"View Counts on Pulse Posts Headed to Oblivion"

Reflections on Social Media

"Conversation Isn't Just Politely Waiting Your Turn to Speak"

Reflections on Social Media

"The Monetization of Desperation"

Reflections on Social Media

"Supermen Need Not Apply"

Reflections on Social Media

"A Writer's Commune With the Oracle: Publishing in the Shadow of the LI Algorithm"

Reflections on Social Media

"Lessons Learned from Publishing in the Shadow of the LI Algorithm"

Author's Notes:

If you'd  like to receive notifications of my writings on a regular basis, click the [FOLLOW] button on my beBee profile. As a writer-friend of mine says, you can always change your mind later.

Feel free to "like" and "share" this post and my other LinkedIn articles — whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, provided only that you credit me properly as the author, and include a live link to my original post.

About me, Phil Friedman:  With 30 some years background in the marine industry, I've worn numerous hats — as a yacht designer, boat builder, marine operations and business manager, marine industry consultant, marine marketing and communications specialist, yachting magazine writer and editor, yacht surveyor, and marine industry educator. I am also trained and experienced in interest-based negotiation and mediation. In a previous life, I taught logic and philosophy at university.

Reflections on Social MediaThe (optional-to-read) pitch: As a professional writer, editor, university educator, and speaker, with more than 1,000 print and digital publications, I've recently launched an online program for enhancing your expository writing: learn2engage — With Confidence. My mission is to help writers and would-be writers improve the clarity of their thought, master the logic of discussion, and strengthen their ability to deal confidently with disagreement.

To schedule an appointment for a free 1/2-hour consult email:

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Images Credits:  Phil Friedman,, and Google Images

Reflections on Social Media

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Nappy Monday to you too Phil Friedman. 😊

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #6


Phil Friedman

5 years ago #5

@Don Osborn = Just in case you don't know my wife (which I trust you don't) you may want to look at the following, which will give you some insight into my previous reply to your comment:

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #4

@Don Osborn - That's pretty much what my wife tells me all the time. She says a lot of things I do are right to the point -- the one on the top of my head.

Candice, my suggestion is don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Keep your success on a roll and branch out into several directions, which I am sure you already know this stuff. 👙

Thank you Phil Friedman for notifying us of the compilation of your articles relating to social media. I believe many of us have missed out on worthy posts due to LI's shenanigans. I have come across several other enjoyable posts, including a very special post by William King relevant to one of my publications. Well, it appeared in beBee, which I was able to enjoy it some 4 months later. I am in total agreement with all of us sharing our past publications from LI to beBee. Quite some time ago, I deleted several of my publications from LI. Those that I favored I either rewrote or moved to my WordPress site or beBee. Perhaps, my thoughts are "out there" but I feel we LI contributors are used until something better comes along. I think of LI as a fairweather friend. Nuff said.

Candice 🐝 Galek

5 years ago #1

Linkedin's rampant censorship and choking down of my posts and updates lately has been a bit depressing..

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