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Real steroids for sale in USA - roidspro

If you ever wonder what is the difference between real steroids from online market and capsules which many suppliers present as “real steroids” this blog will helps you out.  

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The difference between real steroids and “natural” bio capsules

When you search around Google and similar search engines, you will find out that many websites offering capsules with strange names and trying to present it as real anabolic steroids — which they are NOT. That capsules will never work as real gears. All of you already know that anabolic steroids are the big industry and its not wondering that many fake suppliers, underground labs and fake “bio” labs trying to sell and advertise their products online. 

Please, always remember authentic steroids cost is not low and you cannot get real steroids for cheap.

Thaiger Pharma fake VS real ampoules

To know more and understand a real deal in this anabolic world today, you should need to educate yourself BEFORE buying steroids from online. In early 2000’s that was harder than today. Because now you can read a lot of bodybuilding forums and reviews from people who already use this substances for a long period of time.

The rules to real steroids from online market

Before buying and testing your steroids, you should know what you looking for. Here we bring a few tips:

  1. Manufacturer (lab) of your steroids
  2. Country of origin and brand of anabolic steroids
  3. Supplier website and method of payment
  4. Authentication label and authenticity verification
  5. Type of anabolic steroid and what is for

These things above are crucial and you should need to be sure about all before ordering steroids from online. 

What is manufacturer lab of steroid brand?

Before making any purchase you need to make sure that brand you want to buy is real and comes from licensed manufacturer (lab which makes a brand. 

County of origin is also important and most of authentic steroid labs comes from Asia countries but NOT a China! Why is that? Well, because or regulatory laws such as production and export. You can also find a sites which offers USA or UK anabolic brands but in most of cases are from underground labs and do not offer authentication check such Alpha Pharma or Meditech steroids brand do. Both are Asia brands as well. 

Real and authentic steroid websites and payment methods 

On this step you need to be a very very careful and think twice before placing your first order. In most of cases, rather say 98% of anabolic steroid websites offering anonymous payment methods such as Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin. Of course this type of payment methods are a scam-trigger and in most of cases you will be ripped off. Try to find website and supplier which offers Paypal payment method. On that way you are most safe and buyer protection is always on buyer side with Paypal. You should also need to read steroid supplier reviews on Trustpilot. That will be very helpful as well in your decision. There you can find out estimated delivery time and customers experience with their orders before you put on risk your money. 

What is authentication label and authenticity steroids check?


Real steroid labs and pharma industry puts a lot of effort to protect their products and brand from counterfeiting. As we already mention authentication check is possible only for real steroid brands. On that way supplier and customer are always safe. Which means that online supplier selling authentic products and customer can always check it at official lab website. When you get your product from online store you need to scratch the code from label (vial or tablet box) and you will see unique authentic code. Visit website which label shows and type the code, you should need to get message such as “CODE-OK” or “Validation successful” some labs showing message: “your product is authentic”. Then you are safe of using and you can start your steroid experience. 

Which type of steroids to use and when?

This subject and questions never ends. You will see so many questions from beginners “which steroids is best to use” and “when to use steroids”.

To make this clear and short let’s divide this into two categories. 

  1. Type of steroids: 
    Oral steroids (mostly for beginners and first usage in bodybuilding world.) 
    Injectable steroids (mostly used in professional bodybuilding world and for competitions).
  2. Bulking and cutting: (lean mass steroids).
    Bulking steroids mostly used to get more muscle mass and weight, increased stamina and strength also comes with. 
    Cutting steroids is used to lean mass and for competition contests to get better looking on stage and more beautiful physique. 
    Bulking and cutting steroid cycles is the most popular among professional bodybuilders and for contest purpose.

Top 3 real steroids for every purpose.4

It is very hard to say “this steroid is the best” but from customer experience and from words of real bodybuilders these are TOP 10 steroids for usage:

  1. Dianabol (Methandienone) 
    This oral anabolic steroid is the well known because used to increase muscle mass and both beginners and professional bodybuilders using this product for strength as well. One of the most popular bodybuilder in a whole history Arnold Schwarzenegger claims that he used 3–4 Anabol (dianabol) pills per day. 
    Most popular Dianabol pills are: Anabol 10 British Dispensary and Dianabol 10 Meditech.
  2. Anavar (Oxandrolone)
    Anavar is very well known oral steroid for increasing strength and can be used for bulking and cutting purposes. What make this oral AAS so popular is Female friendly and many females using this anabolic steroid because no have androgenic side effects such as Dianabol have. Can be used for better physique and lean mass cycles as well.
    Most popular Anavar pills are: Oxanabol Alpha Pharma and Anavar 10 Meditech.
  3. Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 
    Deca Durabolin is the most popular steroid for increasing muscle mass and strength in same time. Deca Durabolin is injectable steroid which comes in many variation of milligrams per ml but the most popular is the 250 mg per ml. This injectable steroid is used in most cases by professionals in dosage of around 1000 mg per week for a four weeks in steroid cycle. Can be combined with Testosterones such as Enanthate and works very well with other oral and injectable steroids in a cycle. 
    Most popular Deca Durabolin vials are: Deca Durabolin 250 Meditech and Nandrobolin 250 from Alpha Pharma.

Final words about steroids 

 Anabolic steroids always need to be taken with caution and you should need to be aware of many side effects while using this products. That why is SO SO important to always use REAL and AUTHENTIC steroid brands. On that way you will decrease chance of bad side effects which can cause your liver damage and many other health problems. 

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