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Quit Your Stress with Funny Podcasts

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We're halfway into 2021, and we can't know of a single person who doesn't appreciate a good laugh. We recommend listening to a few comedy podcasts if you're looking for a chuckle (or another way to pass the time). There are a slew of incredibly amusing podcasts out there that include interviews with comedians, celebrate improvising, comment on pop culture, and much more. But, to narrow down the best of the best, we turned to Mashable's biggest comedy podcast fans for advice. Explorethespacehow has presented some of the funny podcasts not to limit its collection to modern art notes podcast and talk art podcast. 


2 Dope Queen 

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, comedians and BFFs, were destined to make us laugh and co-host a comedic podcast. We couldn't get through the preview for 2 Dope Queens without laughing out loud, so you can bet the complete episodes — which include standup, special guests, and talks on topics ranging from sex and relationships to racism, jobs, and real-life experiences — will be much better.

No Such Thing As a Fish 

In each episode of No Such Thing As A Fish, the creators of the BBC program QI share intriguing things they've learned throughout their lives. The entertaining podcast, hosted by Dan Schreiber and featuring James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, and Anna Ptaszynski, won't only make you laugh. It'll almost certainly make you wiser than you were before you started listening.

My Brother, My Brother and Me 

If you, like me, are an only child who has always wished for a brother to whom you could turn for wise counsel or a good laugh, a few episodes of My Brother, My Brother, and Me will more than fill that hole. The podcast has been running since 2010, therefore the guys are now considered experts.

Comedy Bang Bang; The Podcast 

Comedy Bang Bang is the podcast for you if you're seeking a traditional comedy podcast with superb improv. It first aired in 2009, and the podcast is still one of the best places for improv comedians to practice their craft today. In each episode, host Scott Aukerman interacts with a rotating ensemble of outstanding improv comedians playing crazy characters, so you never know what will happen. Also, Comedy Bang Bang is a terrific way to find out about other funny podcasts, so it might help you find you're next listening.

Best Friends 

If you enjoy Byer's work, you should listen to Best Friends, a humor podcast co-hosted by Byer and Sasheer Zamata, a writer, comedian, and actress. On Best Friends, the two put their friendship on display by taking quizzes, answering friendship questions, and chatting with guests about anything from pole dancing to tossing bacon against a wall. It's a fantastic moment.

How Did This Get Made

If you're a terrible movie enthusiast (or just someone who can't stop wondering how awful movies are created), the comedy podcast How Did This Get Made is for you. Every episode of this entertaining best art podcast is a funny, cathartic slamming session.

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