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Ponder-ments on personal branding

Ponder-ments on personal branding


Lately, I have been ruminating on the idea of personal branding. This idea of marketing not a product but self. No longer is the idea to market a product but a reputation. Now I realize that this is far from new. We have simply given it a name. Every con artist has used this method for selling their scam since they actually have no product to sell.

Now personal branding is (if I am correct), the idea of replacing your confidence in a product with your confidence in the one marketing the product. The, don't worry about the product, if it comes from me it is quality. To be honest this is a great plan. This style of marketing permits the individual the freedom to change products without modifying the marketing plan.

Again to be honest I guess this is true with many of the people I follow. I am not as concerned with the post topic as I am with the person posting it. I read the post more due to the author than the content. Though the content was what originally drew me to the author. This concept does permit those I follow to broaden the areas they are able to speak to without having to prove their authority in that specific field first.

Though on the other hand, if they provide sufficient evidence of failure in any field this then removes credibility to every post they have written. Again it is not the field the post represents but they themselves. A bit of a two-edged sword.

Have an amazing week!


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Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #4

Harvey Lloyd Thank you for the clarification. Emotion seems to be the binding point for advertisements. A carefully constructed personality to place on display.

Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #3

Pascal Derrien exactly on point. Reality and perception are not the same nor always even related. Strange as that may seem.

Harvey Lloyd

1 year ago #2

Personal, Product and Service branding is a digital way to develop a "relationship" with an anonymous audience. On the surface it sounds like the next logical step in digitally connected people. But the catch is how it is presented. I do separate "blogging" from branding. Blogging is more a conversation seeking feedback and/or opening up thoughts in the public domain. Most branding these days attempts to engage and attach emotions to the brand. In critical thinking, logical fallacies, this is known as the appeal to emotion. Through pictures and unrelated experiences we can attach a sense of fear, trust, value love to anything. Reviewing the Subaru commercials the safest way to send your kids off to college, bring home your first born or serve grandma in reliving woodstock is in a Subaru. The next time you watch a commercial or see a billboard, What emotion are they tieing to their brand? Branding at the personal level can produce a dual personality. The carefully constructed one and the reality in which we live.

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #1

Fair point , reputation is a funny beast but we know that sometimes perception is not the reality consistency is at least in my book I am always wary of one hit wonders :-)

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