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Pinterest "Pin Story" For Traffic Boost


Pinterest is such an amazing platform to drive traffic to your blog. For one of my major blogs, Pinterest traffic makes up about 80% of my blog’s traffic.

This is AH-MAZING on many levels because, darn, if Google SEO is not a challenge.

Pinterest helps to get around that SEO giant that is Google.

Where Google SEO takes about 8 months to a year for you to start seeing any traffic, Pinterest SEO, relative to Google, is amazingly fast.

Heck, with a stunning picture, captivating header, and proper SEO description and hashtags, you can see traffic the SAME DAY!

Pinterest is a MUST for bloggers.

So what is this hack that you can start implementing TODAY to get more traffic to your blog?

The answer is Pinterest “Pin’s Story."

Posting on Pin Story will get you IMMEDIATE TRAFFIC (assuming you are creating a story that is with reading).

I was able to get over 50K impressions and about 103 clicks back to my blogs within a few days.

This may not seem to be a lot, but I am also getting followers and leads for my email list with these clicks, so this is a HUGE PLUS, especially if you are collecting emails and doing email marketing.

If you are not using Pinterest for your blogging marketing strategy or not using Pin Story, you miss out on a lot of traffic.

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