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This writing is an honest attempt to return the Holy Word of Yahweh as near
to it's original meaning as possible converting older terms from HEBREW and
GREEK/ARAMAIC (spoken by Christ) into the English language. My awareness of the
Spirit of the Father in my life goes back into my childhood for as long as | can
remember. Atage 11, | joined a church and was baptized, and have been involved in varying
degrees with church attendance ever since. There were fimes in stages of my life that my walk
went with the flow of the world as most people do, but truly | never lost sight of my core belief.
You will be happy to learn that | do not have any college degrees
or P HD's to cloud my spiritual discernment capabilities or in
any way blurr my lazer focus on God's Holy Word.
March of 2020, with the beginning of lockdown time in our recent cutture, is when my DEEP
DIVE into the Word really began in eamest. Strangely enough, many associate the “Q” movement
as some kind of conspiracy cult, or imaginary movement which is not real. The jury is still out on
that topic. but | must confess that | found material on their back channel online that caused me
fo move toward Bible research in a big way. That process occurred in stages with information which never had occurred to me about some Bible meanings and
the many Hebrew terms which changed meaning with bad translation. Anyone can see the changes which have occurred in Bible content with ALL versions
SINCE the King James version. We were told it was only done to get rid of the “thees and thous”, but like all other fake news, that LIE is now apparent also,
with 16 verses REMOVED since the KJV, and other verses changed altogether andor rewarded to mean something totally different from their original meanings.
$0... we have seen much sabotage has occurred DURING our lifetimes, so at exactly what point did God Almighty say it would be OK to start making changes?
Well the dig news is... Bible sabotage was reported centuries ago by the young prophet Jeremiah (when read from a selection of translations other than the KJV)
of Jeremiah 8:8. where he stated about the laws of Yahweh, “How can we say we are wise, and the law of Yahweh is with us, when lo THE
LYING PEN OF THE SCRIBES HAS TURNED IT INTO A LIE". Read the first chapter of Jeremiah and discover that YAHWEH placed His own
words in the mouth of that young prophet, which is why we can trust what he says. This book has been a HUGE but rewarding undertaking
Many thanks to many people for support in this endeavor. My dear sweet mother was with me on the phone nearly every day, offering the kind of
support only a mother can give. Friends and family were supportive as well, especially during my hospitalization for bi-lateral pneumonia in October
of 2021. | will share with all of you that during the week leading up to my hospital stay, and the complete 10 days of that ordeal, all | could think
about, EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT was getting this info to YOU! It was in my dreams and on my mind constantly. lie an extremely intense
obsession. More than once | promised Almighty God that if | lived through that, | was going to do what | could to get His Word RESTORED to the
original meaning intended, or as nearly as | can possibly do, no matter what. Promises made, promises kept. So here itis, a massive undertaking
which | did not realize in advance, but nonetheless it is finished. This process was not a re-writing of the Holy Bible, but instead it was my best
effort at ELIMINATING the content of those wicked ones who DID re-write and attempt to change God's Word. They will surely have their reward
It seems much of the Bible has suddenly begun to come to life ever since lockdown. Remember
how you felt when lockdown started? This may surprise you, but check out Isaiah 26:20-21.
Lockdown started in March 2020 (verse 20), and prosecutions for human trafficking and child
sacrifice went into orbitin 2021 (verse 21). Also REV. 18:23,24 warns us that our merchants and
great men of the earth will decieve us with their “sorceries”, but a real true translation for that
word “sorceries” is PHARMAKEIA! We will be decieved by drugs and medication. If seems
to me we could be experiencing the Battle of Armageddon already. Vaccine, anyone?
Finally, I will give credit where credit is due to the one person who left behind
GREAT info to us from days gone by which has had a HUGE impact on my life.
The superior translation integrity and insight from the many recordings of
BERTRAND L. COMPARET, (1901 - 1983) R. I. P.
in my view are our greatest link to the unmolested past records of Biblical
history as well as true and accurate American and World history, before Y2K
efforts and NWO minions began in earnest trying to rewrite and destroy it.

My sincerest thanks to our Heavenly Father and to all of you. May God Bless...
Terry MN. Trend, Ste.

This example of my graphics work is the second left hand page of my new book entitled “ORIGINAL TRUTH” where thousands of mistranslated terms are corrected and the HOLY BIBLE is RESTORED closer to the intended ORIGINAL meanings.  This page in particular is “about the author” and my opportunity to thank many who helped, and GOD who sustained me through bi-lateral pneumonia/"covid".  Preview the book for more info at  


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