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One Human Species

One Human SpeciesAs much as I love culture, I also wish we never would of categorized ourselves in this life. Thank you NFL football artist here a very talented artist indeed. When any piece of art helps get to the root of society not moving forward in a positive way, I consider this artwork to be thought provoking and relevant in the world. I hear one race saying they are being blamed for nothing they took part in, or wondering why they are targeted by others really for something they didn't do (in a country, because of a leader, or hater).  One or a dozen (in this world's case) bad apples only means change is in order and revisions are needed, some may have let us down, but we are a caring nation, willing to stand up for what is right. So I recently was reading "Oh they are blaming us again" (thinking in color terms like white, brown, green, or whatever color you consider yourself) then another comment  had said "they will do wrong again. It is true one trouble maker goes and stirs up distasteful acts to create more hate, those are the ones who need mental therapy, need to be caught, and stopped. Seems many are categorizing their own selves as well these days, myself as a woman, I know they are doing things to only my oriental race, or if I lived somewhere else things would be different.  I think the heroes (ones willing to stick their neck out to help others) during this horrendous year, will be the ones to go to for help, and when this is all over.  We are all one human species, and if you've seen on tv or read the books like Bernstein Bears, you will see they don't distinguish themselves differently by their color, what they do in their bedrooms are private, and like the Winnie The Pooh stories they are always respectful to other species.  Seems when things get rough, they all pitch in to help one another (regardless of what color of their fur is, animal species, what they believe in  or what gender relation they are comparing them self to).  Sometimes when we go back to when we were young, look for the simple commonalities we all have, and rely on basic humanity of others, this is the way we all should be thinking, to create some much needed uniting changes in the world. Thank God we are all still alive, pray for the ones who have become victims, and thank you for reading this weeks view of the world ...  

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Randall Burns

Randall Burns

11 months ago #1

Great sentiment Marianne Naughton. Much needed right now

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