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New Technologies Used in Chatbot Platforms Enhancing User Experience

image source: BotPenguin

In modern days, a chatbot is enhancing the customer service experience by providing lots of best services including quick replies to customers, 24/7 availability, booking appointments, No human error while recording data, and much more things.
There are some  new technologies are implemented in Chatbot which is enhancing the user experience,
There are some technologies infused in chatbot platforms to provide a better user experience these are;
1. AI and NLP technology- Due to this type of technology chatbots become more intelligent. later on,  that chatbot can ask questions on self-understanding due to this great technology. basically, it improves the learning of Chatbot.
2.New tools used in Chatbot for e-commerce business.
many new tools and plugins are used for the last some years to enhance user experience because in e-commerce sector we can use the chatbot platforms in multiple ways to attract the customer.
3.Voice activation technology in Chatbot
this type of technology is using nowadays to make hands free, there are some examples like google assistant, Alexa, Siri works on Voice activation technology for enhancing the user experience.
this one is also a great technology that is going to use in chatbots. due to this, chatbot for Facebook, chatbot for WhatsApp, chatbot for telegram will become able to talk to each other.
Moreover, if you want to read in detail about some other technologies used in chatbot platforms to enhancing user experience 
just get a detailed blog from BotPenguin website.

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