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My Brief Sojourn As a Washington Press Corps Imposter

My Brief Sojourn As a Washington Press Corps Imposter



Our man goes to the Broward Rendezvous
at Ocean Reef and almast meets the Prez

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"July, 1990, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Florida — Well sir, your intrepid reporter never expected to see so many of his globetrotting newspaper colleagues at the seventh annual Broward Owners' Rendezvous, "Rock Around The Reef." But there they were, press corp buses, mobile satellite broadcasting trucks, communications command station tents, security helicopters-the whole enchilada. It was impressive P.R. indeed!

And if 18 sleek and shiny Broward megayachts moored in marina slips weren't enough to set you a-tingle, there was the promised appearance by none other than WOLFMAN JACK, that raucously rotund, gravel-throated, outlaw purveyor of TRUE rock and roll. I felt absolutely giddy. I was overcome by the spirit of my teen years.

So, when I realized that George Bush (you know, Dan Quayle's boss) happened to be meeting with Francois Mitterand at Ocean Reef that day, I just couldn't help myself. You see, there right in front of me was this press conference tent, and there were my fourth-estate cohorts filing in and, well, George is a boatman, isn't he?

Well sir, I slipped my Power and Motoryacht card into my Broward Rendezvous photo badge and marched right up the steps, figuring that I could get in one or two questions about bonefishing or whatever before they hauled me off to the looney bin.

Unfortunately, a couple of pretty dour guys in suits and socks (suits and socks in Florida?!) and Ray Ban sunglasses didn't see it that way. Did you know that you
need special Washington press corp accreditation to get into one of those things? Well, I'll be.

"Okay, okay, that's my skin you're rumpling! After all, I'm not dumb enough to wear a suit, let alone socks in Florida. Forget it, you've blown George's opportunity to be quoted in my column."

Luckily, the rest of the Broward rendezvous was great fun, with scads of hospitality, athletic games, a seminar on high-speed motor yachting, and lots of general conviviality — not to mention, ah yes, Wolfman Jack, who was ... as he always is, purely delightful.

Not that those guys in suits, socks, and Ray Bans could appreciate it.  — Phil Friedman"


Postscript:   Those were the days when a wiseacre writer like me could pull a dumb stunt like that without getting shot... and without being hauled off to some black site by Homeland Security. When we still had some sense of humor about things political. Fair winds and safe harbors. And cheers! — PLF

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Text Copyright 2016-17 by Phil Friedman — All Rights Reserved
Images Credits:  Phil Friedman and Google Images





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Life Lessons
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Phil Friedman

5 years ago #4

I did not agree with George Bush's politics, but I respected him and the office when he was President. I am sad to say that I do not feel that way now. Except for Tricky Dick and his veep, Spiro "Bagman" Agnew, I cannot remember any other time that I've felt this way.
oh, I love this. Give me as chance. I'd do the same. goooooooooooo Phil...

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #2

Waiting for President Trump to head down to Ocean Reef, Florida. Will see if I can get an interview.

Phil Friedman

6 years ago #1

This share is dedicated to the Jackal who has been following me around lately, and who recently made some ridiculous claims... Anyone interested in seeing where more of my work has appeared can Google "Phil Friedman yacht", and see more about my background than I would ever want to share. Cheers!

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