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Mom On A Mission

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Anna Amornkiatipisan


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With your help, we have
raised $855 to help feed
34 homeless residents at
Lincoln Park Community
Thank you!

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Whenever we have hardships in life, we call upon Almighty God, and sometimes, we realize we can be of service, that helps to bring us through the hardships.  Here is a story of an amazing lady, who has replaced worry, with what she calls answered prayer. Why is it, when people think of missionary work, the first thing that comes to mind, is you have to have a lot of money and be able to travel, to help others. Sometimes God seems to, direct us right into our own backyards.

I heard about this family from my nurse yesterday, she was inspired, and so was I, about a family locally helping in the Chicagoland area. Let's face it, we all are having a bad year, who could of predicted this pandemic, that has crippled us all in the world.  My nurse and new friend Maria told me about Anna, a child cheering on her mother with a mission, by  helping her Mom feed and be of service to those in need in her community.

My first reaction was to get her name and find out her story, so she gave it to me, and I was contacted by Daranee Amornkiatipisan.  This woman says it was a calling from God, to help others. She initiated the conversation by praying the night before and asking God how she may help others. When she woke up the next morning, she had something awaken inside her, so she pressed on to help those in need. As a Mom and nurse (working on the frontlines) she still felt compelled to do more, most of us are exhausted just thinking of her stress. Thinking back to day one, she said she became filled with doubt initially, however overcame the fears of being able to do this, even though in honesty she was thinking how impossible this would be in 2020 with this pandemic we are all facing.  She ignored any negative reaction and started her journey.  All of us with faith, know when we pray for help from God, all walls seem to crumble Anna Amornkiatipisan (@win_leya) • Instagram photos and videos 

She started out by calling an organization called Lakeview Pantry early in November  Lakeview Pantry | Food for Today, Hope for Tomorrow and collecting donations from co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends.  Her own little personal group continued by helping her along her way, pitching in support, as she travelled along this new mission of hers.  Additionally she thought of more, having children of her own, started concentrating on ways in which to help kids in need, when her research lead her to Cradles to Crayons, and since then has stepped up to hosting her own collection drive.  

When I first spoke to nurse Maria and then this amazing Mom (who also works the frontlines in healthcare) they were very reluctant to tell her story. She didn't want publicity, it's just something that happened to her at the most unusual time of hardship, with her personal experience with God.  Well to me (as a writer) I just had to write and tell others about this woman on a mission, isn't this just what we need.  During these hard times in 2020, myself included needs to be reminded that this still is the season of giving, and although we can't all give to everyone, we all can give something to someone (in need).  If you would like to help, please reach out to this remarkable Mom (getting her strength from our almighty God) or ask her for her advice in getting started to flame your own passion to help others, the first steps are always the hardest. I am the first to write about her Thanksgiving story, you will see the hats and hand written positive notes written by her daughter on her Instagram link previously mentioned.  Leya or Anna as she is mentioned is her daughter loyally helping out her Mom by creating care-kits and any other need that arises.  For those that can chip in to help her cause, she will be dropping off items to The Giving Factory previously mentioned (with Cradles to Crayons organization)  Chicago Home - Cradles to Crayons - Chicago (on the 25th of November at 12pm noon).  She would also like us to know about the Lincoln Park Community Services Shelter  HOME - LPCS Chicago and make us aware that there is much need concerning meals. She will be giving meals herself, thanks to her friend, helping her raise funds recently. I find it comforting to know when we initiate prayer, God gives us the drive to go forward in his service.  She asked God how can I help, and now has been given ways she never dreamed of.   She is also partnering with her local restaurant Golden House Restaurant & Pancake House and has plans for delivering breakfasts to those in need.  She will continue to be of service to her community and insists it all came to her after praying to God.        #momlife #godbless

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