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Milestone For Chicago's Original Tastemakers

Chicago Gourmets is the original masters of tastings (with years of dining events and promoting, they have put Chicago's culinary industries on the map).  Please come out and celebrate their 20th Anniversary, with honoring both the group and founder Mr. Don Newcomb, we will be starting out with a private breakfast garden party (visit website for details) Milestone For Chicago's Original Tastemakers&<br />
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MAY 27-28, 2017

and directly following we welcome you to celebrate with us in this all day special milestone and culinary event.  Find out more at Randolph Street Market's website about their other special happenings, along with our celebration that will take place on May 28th, 2017.   

This special Market has been covered by Time-out Chicago, USA Today, and Fodor's Travel Guide (which is of no surprise) that it is listed as being in the top 10 Antique Flea Markets in America. Randolph Street Market (also known as RSM) has grown into "America's largest" (and liveliest) urban antiques market. They provide 300 plus vendors of both indoors and out, with 8 acres of treasures and specialty finds. Starting off in a private setting of Sally's Cabana: with live jazz, silent auction, food historian, chefs, and other culinary activities, will directly be followed with many culinary friends continuing the celebration of this special occasion.     

The celebrated Chicago Gourmets have touched the livelihood of many industries over the years with their one of a kind events: specialty shops (I personally attended a wonderful tour at a local tea shop recently), producers of fresh markets, restaurants, cookbook authors, and those working along side the finest of chefs in this country's Midwest.  Fortunate guests of any of the over 1,000 events gone by, can attest and appreciate their unique fine dining experiences.  

Thank you to all the generous participants and those helping to make this special celebration possible, without all of you, we never could of put this milestone event together. We are especially grateful to Randolph Street Market and all of our culinary friends: Chef Stechly, The Chopping Block, Chef Didier of Cyrano's on the Riverwalk, Rachelle with ESC, Urban Art Retreat Center, Chez Moi, James Beard Foundation, Beverly Malan of Imports Inc., Tallgrass, Music of Jazz Quintet, Food Historian Colleen Taylor Sen, Chef Vincent Colombet of Cook au Vin, and all the participants presently getting involved and not mentioned in this milestone celebration to come.  

We would like to invite you all to the after party, continuing in our celebration for this special non-profit dining group Chicago Gourmets.  We also will be honoring founder Don Newcomb, for all his expertise, as well as pioneering spirit in all things culinary, restaurants, and finest of dining. It is an honor to be co-hosting, and has been such a pleasure working alongside the board of Chicago Gourmets in years past, I thank you all for the partaking in this special event and milestone.  

Here are some of the things learned, though most in the culinary world already know, about the honoring of founder Don, with his endless credentials and qualifications that have lead to the success of this special non-profit group. Although Don is quite passionate about this special group Chicago Gourmets, his accomplishments don't end with his dining expertise. Don has been on the board of the popular Green City Market (for 12 years) off Chicago's North Avenue Beach (next to the Lincoln Park Zoo). In the past Don wrote about many delicacies for the well known publishing mecca "Food & Wine Magazine" (for 7 years), and was affiliated with the American Institute of Wine & Food, a group started by the one and only Julia Childs (for 15 years).  Additionally he has knowledge of vegetables, herbs, and fruits due to his background of chairman of the Horticulture Department at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois in years past. His authenticity of knowing plants and fresh foods, as well as cooking, from start to finish (even floral/ table presentation) has lead to him to being honorably chosen for judging cuisines finest at the James Beard Awards, in years past.

As a final note I would like to thank you all for joining us in this special celebration for this group's milestone.  Welcoming you all throughout the Chicagoland area: those who love cooking, finest of culinary chefs, local foodies, gourmet diners, food enthusiasts, and specialty bloggers. This market is a great place to meet, and we look forward to seeing you all at our special milestone event. <3  <3  <3                                                                               

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