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Manage Your Stress with Podcasts for Stress

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Listen up: it's important to embrace the stress-relieving advantages of audio therapy. In our most recent piece for Explorethespacehow, we looked at the trend away from a visual approach to healthcare and toward work podcasts, such as sound baths and classical music. Podcasts are a convenient and modern method to include audio therapy into your daily routine. Explorethespacehow is helping you via podcast to sleep to help you sleep peacefully. 

The 4 Pillars


Motivational Monday 

As we all know, Monday may be the most difficult day of the week, but this weekly podcast seeks to reverse that impression and instill optimism and tranquility in you so you can go through the rest of the week with ease. This podcast will be the weekly motivation you've been seeking, with episodes on anything from new starts to overcoming challenging situations.

Tranquillity du Jour

This podcast, hosted by therapist and creative entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson, will assist you in living a full, tranquil, and purposeful life. This podcast will help you navigate your way through everyday difficulties and stay calm and happy, with themes ranging from yoga to mindfulness, travel, and business.

The Digital Mindfulness Podcast

This podcast is the secret to keeping yourself from getting technologically overwhelmed at a time when our everyday lives are filled with emails, cellphones, and immediate communication. The hosts hope to better your connection with technology by combining scientific and social sciences to assist you to handle all aspects of the digital world, from emailing to effectively splitting your professional and personal life.

ASMR Podcast 

ASMR is a relaxing and at times befuddling study of 3D sound that is all about sound. It's an amazing and pleasant experience to listen to everything, from presenters quietly conversing about the locations they'd want to visit in Australia. Relax and enjoy the relaxing sounds of this audio as your body unwinds.


This podcast is the ideal approach to relax your thoughts and bring a sense of quiet and tranquility into your hectic daily routine. This podcast, hosted by the team of the award-winning app, will help you relax, stay calm, and start your day with a grin on your face. This podcast will give you the peaceful sanctuary you've been yearning for when it comes to stress, overworking, and even good nutrition.

The Daily Meditation Podcast 

This audio can help you recover equilibrium and go about your day peacefully and pleasantly in just under twenty minutes. You are assured to learn new skills with daily meditations seven days a week, which will benefit you in a variety of ways, from managing stress during the workday to coping with thoughts of rage to controlling anxiety and building confidence. Whatever your day throws at you, this is a great podcast to have on hand.


Invisiblia, which means "all invisible things" in Latin, is a term that refers to all of the unseen factors that influence human behavior. This podcast examines all of the invisible forces, such as ideas, beliefs, and emotions, using scientific data and compelling narrative to allow you to learn more about yourself, how you live your life, as well as how to truly comprehend others around you. You will learn hbr burnout in a peaceful and stress-free manner thanks to fantastic episodes like ‘Fearless,' which examine the human need for fear.

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