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Let's Plant a Heirloom Garden & Make Our World Beautiful

Let's Plant a Heirloom Garden & Make Our World BeautifulGod's beautiful Earth requires much care. Every gardener will tell you it takes much work to reap a good harvest each year.  Special planting, continuous care, and cultivating throughout the seasons, with proper light (sunny or shade), temperature (mild or hot), acidic levels or moisture levels (tolerates wet or prefers dry) type of soil and elements will determine the outcome of each type of crop or beauty of the plants. As appointed caretakers of the world, we have much to think about.  Our friends at C.A.R. E. have some events that will help us ponder such thoughts.  On January 29th  Presentation & Discussion "Life With Less Plastic" will take place at White Library 121 E. 8th, Lockport, IL 6pm - 8pm.  In order we all have a positive impact in our communities, they will attempt to educate us: by giving us the history, explain our dependency, and how our health & the environment results (with so much consumption) of the plastic products we use.  With a little help in understanding what we can do, we can pass down good habits to our future generation, teach respect rather that abuse of what we have, and cut down on the over use of this product.  Let's discuss ways, in essence clean-up our actions, to beautify our natural resources, and improve a healthier way of living.  A special event on February 2nd that is also located at the library will take place "C.A.R.E's 9th Annual Seed Exchange".  There will be FREE trading of heirloom seeds, learn more about your garden through: proper saving of seeds, worm composting, what our friendly critters (bees & butterflies) do to help our plants, and more.  Heirloom seeds (that are without GMO) are to be traded, with many varieties of herbs, flowers, and vegetables.  Be sure to bring your own (clearly labeled) seeds to share with others.  Visit their website or call for further information, at or Mary 708-204-6924 & Ellen 815-834-1611 to learn more to participate in these events. <3

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