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Let's Believe In Second Chances

Let's Believe In Second Chances

Let's start out by introducing a man who miraculously has come back, and beaten the odds so to speak.  John has become living proof that we all can turn our lives around, and be touched by an angel.  Even though we all have different  ways of thinking about things, I ask you was it he who made his life better or the almighty watching over him? Do we all have divine and even terrible (tests) of things that happen to us, or is it only of our own accord?  Is it sometimes things just happen (for no apparent reason), really bad things can often happen to good people and those that turn into horrible people sometimes get many things. In the story of Scrooge, he sees things and changes his path.  Well how come there are others who never harm a fly and can live their whole life of misery (like poor Lazarus) . After all only God can judge our lives, and isn't it his hand that keeps us here or calls us to the other side.  Most have heard of the prodigal son who returns  home a broken man, then his father welcomes him back with open arms. His brother feels slighted and he himself doesn't even feel he deserves to be acknowledged (let alone given a big party) at his arrival. The fact is some make it back to society, while others never do.  Shouldn't we celebrate and learn from those who have somehow survived (even if not of their own accord). God must have seen great things for John (and his changed heart), because today you will find him to be a great chef, motivational speaker, he has a very successful business , author of his own life's journey,  and has just opened another great restaurant last week  We all have things of regret from time to time, where our hearts may feel cold as ice, only God can melt. Life's an up and down roller coaster of a journey, not always easy, but if we focus on our almighty (he who sent us) eventually he will make things all clear.  Lets take Moses for an example (from the bible) who was hidden in a basket by his mom (because a ruler was killing children), he survives and goes on to live a life of privilege (away from his real family). Once finding out his true identity, Moses insists on going back to his people and live as a slave. Then he murders to protect a friend, and is sent away into the desert (ultimately to die). Only he lives and re-establishes his life (better than every) and then gets called back (by God) to help others (is chosen as their leader) of his enslaved people, guiding them out of a land of bondage and into freedom. Wow what a remarkably story, written accounts in history, and this is the life of just one man who had made a difference in the lives of many. The truth is we are all watched over by god, if we can only find our talents, learn from our mistakes, grow into what we were meant to be, while helping those along the way. John (along with many others) will never forget his past, but he chooses to look to the future.  It is pleasing to hear (every year) John collects gifts for kids around the area who are too poor for Christmas presents. He once was a hardcore criminal, now a compassionate man helping others. At one time he must have felt he was stuck in a hopeless life incarceration (with an original sentence of 45 years), he alone had found true justice (a lesser sentence) and blessing, not entirely of his own (getting help by our God). Through the places and things we turn to: bible, counselor, doctor, incarceration, with prayer we can sometimes get a second chance in this life.  One thing is constant though, when we become disabled, going through tough times like divorce, depression from someone passing or any type of addiction, our maker is watching over us and make no mistake, he cares.  Someday we all will be taken away to somewhere else (in hopes made whole), but while here on earth lets pray for the lonely, suffering, those in sadness, and homeless, that they may find new healing. Do things really happen by chance? Answers may only be found when we are on our way out (to the other side). For now, lets all count our blessings even through its rocky road (at times) journey called "LIFE". Know that we ALL have times of trouble, EVERYONE has a story, lets all learn to trust GOD, and please resolve to lending a hand towards anyone struggling in life. <3

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