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Let <3 Freedom <3 RingAs I look at this beautiful historical bell, it reminds me of how our freedoms aren't always free, with our brave men and women fighting for our liberties, we have soldiers throughout our history that have fallen and passed on for our country.  Many of us love this country, and also see our continued fight for liberty and justice happen everyday we live.  Some people are putting money and politics in front of friendships, even going to the extent of putting many (in a box) to explain what is happening in the world (blame and such).  We all want stability, love, friendship, and to help our families live an enjoyable life.  We need to respect others choices and differences. Life isn't always just pro or con, seeing more of what we can appreciate together instead of letting others separate us is what we should all concentrate on.  For an example I see groups label women who want to take care of their families as feminist and men wishing to stay home and take care of the kids as feminine. I see it differently as the strong masculine protection of a man taking care of his children and the sometimes unable to choose working bee moms (like mine when my father passed away) looking after her family as "Loving Parents".  Sometimes stereo-typing can be a cruel form others use to manipulate the society into helping those only interested in themselves and their own agenda.  With helpful places on the web these days, there are great blogs to discover and books coming out every day (for mental health issues) and even great financial help like here

May God bless American and also loving families throughout the world, who are struggling to keep it together.  

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CityVP Manjit

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #1

I am firm believer that home is the foundation stone of leadership development - that no matter what system is used to create that home or the size or value of that home, it is the human beings who make that space. For sure home is not a refuge or a sanctuary from challenge. Home however is the place of nurture, and nurture is not a feminine thing, it is a human intelligence. In the ideal world we would build utopia as our home but a home is not a journey into the world through rose coloured glasses and everything written in this buzz evokes that realization - and everything in this buzz represents the ingredients of why people died in wars in the name of freedom - so that we earn that sacrifice in the daily challenge of making a home - especially one that is governed by a liberty bell.

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