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Largest Auto Parts Stores In The US – Location Analysis

Largest Auto Parts Stores In The US – Location Analysist©]_ AUTO PARTS STORE

Largest Auto Parts Stores
in the US - Location


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The online automotive aftermarket worldwide, despite the Coronavirus pandemic, is growing by over $41 billion from 2020 to 2024 and 35% of the growth is coming from the North America. The ‘Stay Home’ restrictions have proved to be wonderful for different home improvement’s stores and some biggest sellers of auto parts, as people were at home and taking up many DIY auto projects.
At LocationsCloud, we observe some biggest auto parts stores in the USA including AutoNation, AutoZone, Fisher Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Carquest, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, as well as Napa Auto Parts

Brief Insights

  • There are over 24,111 stores of Auto Parts in the USA.
  • AutoZone is the biggest store of Auto Parts, having 5,914 stores.
  • The total automotive parts getting sold under the brand AmazonBasics has tripled in 2018-2019.
  • Texas (2.1K) is a state having the maximum number of stores for Auto Parts.

You may download the user data for the analysis from LocationsCloud’s data store.

Number Of Auto Parts Stores Available In The USA

Number of Auto Parts Stores Available in the USAscr [ :
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Fisher Auto Parts [| 445
AutoNation BH mn


We have analyzed the total of number of 24,111 stores of auto parts from 8 top auto part chains in the USA and Autozone is the biggest auto part chain having 5,914 locations with different 50 states trailed by Napa Auto Parts with 5.59K locations as well as O’Reilly Auto Parts with 5.27K locations respectively.


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The AutoZone is amongst the leading auto parts & accessories retailers in the USA with 5,914 locations working in the USA. The states having the maximum number of locations include Texas with 641 locations, California with 634 locations, and Florida with 381 locations respectively.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts. ® Sorless ® Greater than §


The O’Reilly Auto Parts is having 5,592 locations in the USA. The states having maximum locations include Texas with 752 locations, California with 562 locations, and Florida with 246 locations respectively.

O’Reilly’s is having a lot of stores focused in the largest cities in Southern USA including Jacksonville, Houston, and Dallas however, their stores highlight in the northeast part to the lesser degrees. The company is having amongst the biggest department retailers of the automotive aftermarket accessories & parts in the USA to serve both do-that-yourself as well as specialized markets of service providers.

Napa Auto Parts

Napa Auto Parts® Sor less ® Greater than §


You can have 5,270 locations of Napa Auto Parts available in the USA. The states having the maximum number of Napa Auto Parts available include California with 323 locations, Texas with 279 locations, and Pennsylvania with 237 locations respectively. Locations of Napa Auto Parts are quite omnipresent compared to the opponents.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts® Sor less

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® Greater than 5


You have about 4,270 locations of Advance Auto Parts working in the USA. The states having a maximum number of locations include Florida with 511 locations, North Carolina with 280 locations, and Georgia with 252 locations respectively are states having the maximum locations. Amongst the slow recovery of economy from Coronavirus pandemic, vehicles’ demand around the world started rebounding. Advance Auto Parts is expected to have increased sales from digital ramp-ups as well as increasing the e-commerce enterprises in Q3 2020 duration.


Carquesta ® Sor Less ® Greater than 5


You have 1,359 locations for Carquest in different 50 states within the USA including California with 110 locations, Texas with 77 locations, and North Carolina with 67 locations respectively. Carquest is having a low number of stores compared to the competitors however, its locations are evenly scattered in the USA.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys® Sorless ® Greater than §


The Pep Boys is an auto retail chain, which has initiated in Pennsylvania with 950 locations in 37 different states of the USA. The states having the maximum number of locations include California with 144 locations, Florida with 126 locations, and Texas with 92 locations respectively.

Fisher Auto Parts

Fisher Auto Parts® Sor less ® Greater than §


You have 445 locations of Fisher Auto Parts working in 18 different states of the USA with Ohio having 83 locations, Virginia having 64 locations, and Pennsylvania having 56 locations respectively.


AutoNation® Sor less ® Greater than §

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AutoNation is having 311 locations working in 16 different states of the USA. The company offers new as well as pre-owned vehicles as well as related services. The states having maximum locations include Florida with 73 locations, Texas with 63 locations, and California with 44 locations respectively.

The Top States Having Maximum Stores Of Auto Parts

The top States Having Maximum Stores of Auto Parts7 |
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Texas is having the maximum number auto part stores in 2,148 locations, trailed by California with 1,817 locations, and Florida with 1,547 locations respectively.

Rising Competition In Market Of Auto Parts

The industry of auto parts has become more and more competitive with Amazon and Walmart providing tires and auto parts through the website. They are slowly growing the products provided also. The Automotive parts traded by Amazon with its brand AmazonBasics have tripled between periods of 2018-2019. Walmart also very near when comes to automobile parts sold. Auto & Tire by Walmart is having its largest private-label group, selling 5,208 different products in 3 private labelled brands.

Furthermore, the increase in total electronic cars getting sold in the USA also affects the auto part industry. As electronic cars are economical in maintenance and need lesser maintenance matched to fuel using vehicles that might eat into auto parts’ revenue of service providers. The AutoZone has successfully managed to use the wave by offering auto parts of Tesla, which includes wipers, brake pads, headlights, as well as replacement glass of the mirror.

The Data Store of Locationscloud tracks store openings and closures, which concentrates on discount stores, convenience stores, healthcare, and department stores. You may subscribe to the store’s data plans as well as have datasets using data points like store closures, store openings, parking availability, services, nearby competitor stores, subsidiaries, in-store pick options, and many more.

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