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Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry


I work in the large-yacht construction sector, where most companies, irrespective of size or gross annual revenue, exhibit a relatively flat organizational structure. That makes most of them "small" businesses, whether they have six, sixty, or six hundred employees. The problems and solutions such small businesses face require sector-specific adapted approaches. And it is in that area which I have specialized.

The following articles are the result of decades of work in the marine industry...

This library of articles is presented to you as the distilled product of my decades of work in a variety of circumstances within the marine industry — circumstances which have seen me working variously as a yacht designer, boat builder, marine operations and business manager, marine industry consultant, marine marketing and communications specialist, yachting magazine writer and editor, yacht surveyor, marine industry educator, and interest-based mediator.

If you have an interest in the marine industry or small business operations and management in general, I invite you to read some or all of the following articles, for what they may be worth.

And I invite you to contact me with your questions and comments...

As well, should you have a problem or a project you'd like to discuss, I invite you to contact me directly, either by email or Skype, to talk on a strictly confidential basis.

I work worldwide, both remotely and on-site, depending on the situation. For example, I am currently supervising the construction of a new 80-footer in Taiwan, as owner's representative and consultant. So whatever your needs are, or wherever you may be, I might be able to help.

To arrange an appointment for a free 1/2-hour initial consult, you can contact me as follows:

Email:  —  Skype: Phil_Friedman

I look forward to hearing from you.

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry

Articles on small business in general:

1. "Small Businessman's Primer to Inbound Marketing"

2. "Key Outsourcing Tips for Small Businesses"

3. "Maximizing Throughput on Fixed Assets and Overheads"

4. "Small Businesses Need to Keep a Close Eye on Gross Profit"

5. "What I Learned About Entrepreneurs from the Founder of"

6. "What Small Business Managers Should Know About Teams, But Don't"

7. "Interest-Based Negotiation: Taking the High Road"

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine Industry

Shipyard operations & marine business management:

1. "Sizing Generators to Run Cleaner and Greener"

2. "App or Not, Garbage In Means Garbage Out"

3. "Ten Insider Tips on Yacht Build Contracts"

4. "Powering Up"

5. "Financial Protections for New-Build Yacht Buyers"

6. "The #1 Overlooked Capability in Microsoft Project"

Key Tips for Small Business Operators and the Marine IndustryWebsites for further information:

If you are interested in yachts, are allied with the yacht building industry,  or operating a small business in another sector, you should consider joining my beBee Hive, 

THE PORT ROYAL GROUP for Yacht Builders, Buyers and Owners,

where you will find experienced industry professionals discussing a wide range of topics. The ongoing conversation is always interesting, informative, and 100% industry insider.

Fair winds and safe harbors — Phil Friedman

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