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Joy, Wisdom & Hope

Joy, Wisdom & Hope

They were 5, now are 4.

At Paradise Home the first one arrives:

‘Artic.., and with him, Mr. And Mrs. Joy.’

Next, the nest: bed of flowers and cotton balls,

And the most gorgeous baby birds:

Wisdom and Hope.

Watching the fledglings grow,

Blissful mornings,

Contemplating moments,

Endless lessons of motherhood love.

Hopping and bouncing

Wiggly, funny first fly

Shirp, shirp, shirp

Demanding for food to eat.

-‘Feed me first’

-‘No, I am first’

-‘I can fly the best, I like this place, Weeee!’

-‘Wait what’s that?’

-‘Flyyyyyyyyyyyy, fast, fl-y-y-y-y-y-y!’ …Agh!

The question is: now on, how could Wisdom be without Hope?

.....Shhhh!, the Joy’s are eating again, and hatchling is happening.

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