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Is it a Zygote or a baby, we no longer care

Is it a Zygote or a baby, we no longer care

Once again the abortion issue is running through the news. This time the position is there is no limit on term for this operation. So once again we have the voices crying out in opposition and in support, each side seeking to ensure their side is heard, and much more than just heard, supported.

This new position of law no longer even pretends to take into the equation the debate on when does life begin it has finally come to the point where that is irrelevant. And from the pro-choice position it’s about time. From the, you already made your choice position, it’s simply another declaration of pro-choice arrogance.

Have you ever noticed who is caught in the middle? The young lady who perhaps made a choice but has come to regret it. A young lady who stands in fear of the future instead of looking forward to it is bracketed on both sides. Both sides yelling, telling her what she must do, each voice filled with commands and demands. Where is the love for this lady? She often appears to have simply become a tool in someone else’s argument.

If you are anti abortion either in totality or only in the vast majority of reasons ensure your voice is spoken with some sensitivity. Ensure your desire is not just to protect the unborn. Calices are not grown overnight nor are they produced without friction.

Next time you are confronted by the opportunity to advise a pregnant lady take the time to know her and not just long enough to tell her what to do. If you are against murder feel free not to kill her with your words and stance. If you hate abortions then operations like Caring Pregnancy Center are your very good friend. They offer information and help, so these young ladies can make informed decisions and are able to receive the support they need.

Hate and anger is no one’s friend and both sides need to stop and consider why that is becoming the default setting in these arguments.

Love your neighbor is more than just telling her what to do.


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Greg Rolfe

2 years ago #2

I agree with you and unfortunately also see the lack of compassion. It is easy to get fixated on our position instead of the real issues that surround our position. Thank you for letting me know that Ireland is in the same boat.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

That's a pretty complex equation you are touching on, the debate has been stained on both sides by binary and some times caricatural arguments. Your post is balanced and I welcome it. We had a pretty heated debate nationally here in Ireland a few months back which highlighted the lack of compassion from the ''virtuous'' and static mindset from the ''progressists''.

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