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Investing Factors That Define Success

Investing Factors That Define Success


Good investments lead to more wealth. Unfortunately, investing sounds like a big word to most people, and it scares them. Hence the reason most people are not financially independent. This article eliminates the myths surrounding investment and provides tips that anyone can use to grow their money.


The smartest investors spread their risk on multiple investments. The market is unpredictable; one day, stocks could be up, and the next day, they can go down. That’s especially true for stock investments. Therefore, investors should invest part of their money in stocks, the remaining in either bonds or real estate.

Diversification protects the investor from total loss. If one sector collapses, the other one remains afloat, helping the investor to retain their wealth.


Contrary to what one might think, the best investments are affordable. It takes a lot of patience and wisdom to find a good investment. Some of the things that investors look out for are the fees charged by brokers. If they’re too high, they may limit the returns.


It’s a fact that the first few years of investing won’t be very profitable. That’s because an individual is learning the market. Therefore, a new investor should focus on building their savings so that they can cushion themselves from financial ruin when things go wrong. As a rule of thumb, a new investor should try to save at least 50% of what they earn and invest the rest.

Type of Investment

Not every investment idea is good. A new investor should be careful not to fall for ‘get rich quick’ scams. In investing, returns cannot be 100% guaranteed. That’s why a person should be careful when they’re promised returns.

The investment with the highest return is the stock market, while government bonds have the lowest risk. An investor should consider these investments when creating their portfolio.

Don’t Get Greedy

Before investing, an investor should come up with a plan. At what price are they going to sell? How often will they buy new stocks? Sometimes the market can go up beyond investor expectations. In that case, it may be tempting for the investor to keep holding their stock until the price goes even higher.

This move is risky because the investor can lose all their money in a split second. That’s why it’s always advisable for new investors to stick to their original plan.


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