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Intelligent Design: Evolution

Intelligent Design: EvolutionOverview

  • The Confluence of rationals Constituting Graceful Evolution raise the stakes for who should manage what and over whom in the context of New World Orders needed to help sustain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness overall and always. The Players in the Game of Life involve each of us willing to carry some portion of the existent burden relating those constants affecting resource, purpose and method.
  • The making of things in relation to what is good defines just means of manufacturing practical use on a global scale when fact-based economy defines what is common to civilization versus what makes sense for some people.
  • Scalable Pedagogy & Emergency Management “Control System-system”, with situational answers platform for “CLEAR” Communities of Interest, and computer-to-human inter-relational data analytics learning platform, garnering user-group-community questions in Real-Time for a Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA) Mnemonic Trust.


  • Emotional Intelligence: Intra-Personal (Supra-Natural)
    Self: Generous
    Family: Humble
    Community: Productive
    Nation: Secure
  • Personality Intelligence: Catalysts (Super-Natural)
    Aptitude: Able
    Assessment: Aware
    Awareness: Cognitive
    Capacity: Confident
  • Intelligence Quotient: Cognition (Natural)
    The reflection of intelligence relative to self as a result of "upstream community"
    Water: Memory²
    Food: Cunning (Power)
    Shelter: Reasoning²
    Work: Communication (storage)
    Love: Awareness Regulation Social-Skill Empath Motivation
    Overall: Perceiving Managing Using Understanding
    Always: Self-Aware Socially-Aware Self-Management Relationship Management
  • Real Intelligence: Energy (E-Motion)
    Academic: Facilitation
    Artistic: Knowledge
    Control: Mastery
    Dexterity: Physical
    Technical: Rendering

Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA)

  • Transparency … Issue (Aims)
  • Capacity … Accountability (Bias)
  • Ability … Experience (History)
  • Commonwealth ... Family Amity (Environment)

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculus: Theorem

WHAT is WHETHER or not.
HOW controls WHAT in context with is.
WITH creates HOW (from) .
HAVE defines WITH using currency.
WHAT generates WHETHER.
HOW shrinks WHAT has been gained.
WITH begins and ends HOW.
HAVE originates old WITH cause.
WHAT is a synonym of WHETHER.
HOW increases WHAT is garnered.
WITH initiates HOW it is.
HAVE shares the bounty WITH care.
WHAT realizes WHETHER or not.
HOW breeds WHAT is needed.
WITH parents HOW to.

ERES Paineology Context

  • Social -- Game Theory, A number anyone can call for real help
    Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA)
  • Economic -- Federated Reserve/DESERVE, Rescore Water Food Shelter Work Love
    Earned Path Training Program (EarnedPath)
  • Political -- Remediation, The Purist Form is the Best Form
    Earth Resource Planner (GiantERP)
  • Legal -- Non-Punitive, Mercy is do unto others as you would have them do to you
    Earth Changes Pedagogy & Emergency Management (Gunnysack)
  • Technical -- Aura Tech, Yin Yang Spectral Analysis
    Vertical Technology Virtual Reality (VERTECA)
  • Administrative -- PlayNAC, Who What Where When Why and How
    Empirical Realtime Education System (ERES)

Science Religion Philosophy Theology

  • Epistemology
  • Etymology
  • Enneagram


  • Delivery of Good (Christ Child): Dimension
    1. From Punitive to Remediative
    2. Diplomacy
    3. Schools of Thought
    4. Levels of Distinction
    5. Goals in General
    6. Privatization
    7. Remediation
  • Value with regard to, of, with and for "Choice": Ambition
    1. DOLL_AR: Defense-In-Defense (SOUND)
    2. CURRENT_C-Y: Semantic-Function (CALCULUS)
    3. W_OR-D: Authority-Entity (APP)
    4. MAN_N-ER: Love-Hate (FUNCTION)
    5. RE_ LAT-IV_IT-Y: Advertising-World (DURATION)
    6. HUM_B-LE: Excess-Poverty (PURPOSE)
    7. PER_SON-AL_I-ZA_TI-ON: Immense-Miniature (REMITTANCE
  • Garnishment & Reason: Confluence
    Gambling: Intelligence-Stupidity: Human, Literal-Figurative-Subjective
    Sex: Design-Implement: God, Personal-Public-Private
    Weapons: Non-Lethal-Lethal: Animal, Intent-Aim-Bias
    Investing: Evidence-Concealment: Plant, Evolution-Science-Religion
    Biology: Exploration-Introversion: Liquid, Life-Death-Existence
    Knowledge: Wonder-Delight: Man, Woman-Female-Semantic
    Humility: Strength-Weakness: Computer, Mark-The-Beast
  • Money Bias and Fame Intent: Biometric
    1. Fair Use: false demeanor, VOICE: Self (Desire-HEART)
    2. Remedies: truth application, HEAR: Ears (Read-SOUL)
    3. Myths: intent to deceive, TASTE: Tongue (Lie-SWORD)
    4. Margins: ignorance and bliss, SMELL: Nose (Detection-FAMILIARITY)
    5. Energy: what is real, FEEL: Chi (Perception-CHOICE)
    6. Force: the pole ice, INTUIT: Mind (Computer and YOUR Guide)
    7. Empirics: chief concerns, SEE: Eyes (Whois-RELATIVITY)

Data Insurance

  • Dictum & INPUT
  • Eco Currency
  • World Planning
  • Standards Bodies
  • Industry Consortia
  • Local Groups & Organizations
  • Business
  • People
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Creation
  • Intra-Planetary
  • Extra-Planetary


  • Non-Violent (By Law, Non-Lethal Weapons x Intervention + Intercession)
  • Arbitration (Mediation among Apex Principles with Relationship Management)
  • Self, Family, Community, Nation, Planet, World, Universe (Recursive Dispute Resolution)
  • Makers of the Law (Hippocratic Oath for Communities of Interest)
  • Confession-Centric (Scientific-Religious-Philosophical-Theologic Determinants )

Off-On Reproduction Hormone

  • Introduction: Overpopulation, Food Shortages, Famine, Starvation
  • Earth Changes: Temperature, Economics, Science & Technology
  • Freedom of Choice: Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
  • Off-On Description: Choice, COI, Sponsorships
  • Hormones: As-Is Birth Control, To-Be Off-On
  • Communities of Interest: Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Managers
  • Criteria for Off-On: Of sound mind, Of able body, Of willing participation
  • Getting on Board: World Trade Organization (?), Global Actuary Investor Authority
  • GAIA: Formalize If-When, Of-At, On-Off

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