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If at first you find success; stop, look, listen.


What is the best decision you have ever made? Can you remember the circumstances leading up to that decision? Is it repeatable, not the decision but the methodology? Wouldn’t it make sense that if we are successful in a circumstance to attempt to derive what made that event so successful?

Most people desire to achieve their dreams, but the problem comes from not knowing how to get there from here. Yes there are a million “try my method” ideas out there. But you most likely have one that already works for you. Return to it.

Success is not just a onetime event, or at least it shouldn’t be. Success is generally the result of a series of good choices based off of proper planning and a clear goal. Most failures are the result of poor planning and a series of poor choices.

The statement “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” And while it is good advice if we fail to evaluate while we failed we can find ourselves in the classic definition of insanity, “repeating the events expecting a different result.” Return to what has worked. If you find that you need to tweak the method a little excellent but start with what works. Updating an old idea is not generally bad because the foundation is solid.

Please remember Henry Ford did not event the car or the assembly line but he did found his success on these two solid ideas. The Write brothers did not event flight but that did not keep their names out of the history books.

What is your dream? Find your way to travel towards it.


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