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How Web Scraping Is Used To Scrape Flight Data?


how-web-scraping-is-used to-scrape-flight-data@iweb

How Web Scraping
Is Used to Scrape
Flight Data?


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As the world has transformed into a global village, traveling by plane to any destination is easier than ever before. Air connection has increased drastically in recent years, which allows travelers to book flights to destinations that were previously unavailable. By 2026, the worldwide aviation business is estimated to be worth more than $303 billion.

Scraping flight data from famous online travel agency (OTA) websites can be a great method for associated business organizations to increase and boost their business, especially when travel business is predicted to grow. Scraping service provider like iWeb Scraping fetches the flight data more effectively and efficiently.

Why Scrape Flight Information?

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Famous OTA (Online Travel Agency) platforms are used by various travelers for flight ticket bookings. There are various ways that scrape data from OTA portals that might help you, whether you are competing with OTA website, a travel agent, or a trip planner. The information will allow travelers to know the famous destinations, provide access to updated flight schedules, pricing range, new carrier and flight information, and much more.

Here is the detailed information about how scraping flight data will be used.

Improved customer Behavior





You may obtain consumer feedback and ratings from OTA platforms using web scraping. You may also optimize client experience and offer the best solutions based on this data to increase sales. This gives organizations in the aviation and travel industries a great opportunity to scrape flight data and gain important insights into customer patterns and behaviors.

Price Monitoring

price-monitoringNumber of stopovers

Complex algorithms and software solutions are now used by airlines to alter flight costs which is dependent on demand and supply. A web scraping service can supply you with genuine flight prices, allowing you to develop a more realistic pricing model for your clients. This information may be utilized to develop unique tours packages, as well as pricing approach superior to that of other platforms.

Monitoring Market Share



Avg Flight Fare


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Scraped flight data can also be used to get detailed information on the market share of different airlines. For example, if you are a travel organizer, market share analysis will assist you in finding the best partners for your company. You may learn more about the new flights that various airlines are launching and take advantage of the first-mover advantage by providing products or services ahead of your competition.

Resource Utilization

Suppose you have recently established your travel portal or online travel agency website. The holiday season is approaching, and you anticipate a rise in bookings. It is possible to scrape the historical information from famous OTA platforms to explore valuable observations into what you must expect at the peak time of holiday seasons. Based on this information, you may effectively manage your resources to make sure that all consumers have a positive experience.

Enhancing of Marketing Policies

While developing your marketing approach, any comments, pricing policies, traveler expectations, likes, and dislikes can be really useful. Focus on the weak points of your competitors to offer your customers a better product. Regardless of whether you are focusing on trips to and from explicit areas or focusing on individuals from a specific location, iWeb Scraping can make a custom answer for the best outcomes.

Which are the Data Fields That can be Scraped from OTA Websites?

J Distance

Journey time i

Here are various data fields that can be scraped from the OTA platforms.

  • Flight Number
  • Changes In Flight Timings
  • Airport Information
  • Total Number Of The Flights
  • In-Flight Facilities
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Flight Duration
  • Total Airfare
  • Number Of Stops
  • Carrier Name

This data can be collected for all of your objectives or only the ones most crucial to your goals. Scraping services like iWeb Scraping will make sure that the data undergoes various checks before it gets delivered. Some examples of using this data includes:

Total Cost Data for Dynamic Pricing Policies


EL ano!



Gate Remark


© Arrivals

Terminal FM



By using real-time price information, you can beat your competitor’s pricing strategy. Using competitor’s total costs data, stay ahead of your competitors and capture market share in price-sensitive markets. You can also compare pricing trends across marketplaces and time periods to determine an impactful pricing strategy.

In-Flight Facilities Information


Keep an eye on the in-flight amenities provided by different carriers in various industries to guarantee you have a competitive advantage in areas with low price elasticity.

Getting Industry Highlights


If you are a newcomer in the industry, use these data points to understand the dynamics of the commercial aviation business. An information awareness of the business and patterns across multiple industries can aid a new entrant in deciding which pathways to pursue and how to price and sell their products.

Identifying opportunities for Direct Flights


If you are a carrier trying to expand your service, data can assist you find routes with a high number of stops. Direct flights in these sectors may be a worthwhile business growth prospect.

Web Scraping Flight Data to Boost Travel Business


To take advantage of the tremendous potential of airline booking services, new OTA platforms are established on a regular basis. As a result, the OTA sector has become extremely competitive hence you should seek out novel ways to grow your travel-related business. Web scraping is also an efficient method to provide your company an advantage over the competition.

iWeb Scraping can help you explore further into the activities of your competitors and leading air carriers by allowing you to tailor your scraping operations. The actual gathered data would also keep you up to date about aircraft industry developments and client preferences, allowing you to adapt your activities to connect out to other people and expand your business.

Are you looking for Scraping flight data? Contact our team at iWeb Scraping and request for the quote.

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