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How to Take Covid-Safe Trips

How to Take Covid-Safe Trips

The emergence of the coronavirus, also known as COIVD-19, has had a massive impact on peoples’ lives. School went online, family gatherings postponed, and trips canceled. Many people are becoming tired of quarantine and are looking for a covid-safe trip. Here is a list of the tops rules to adhere to if you or a loved one plans to travel during a pandemic.

First, inform yourself of the community you are visiting. What does COVID-19 look like in this location? Is there a high community spread? If the answer is yes and COVID-19 has a high infection rate, maybe wait to travel. If no, plan your itinerary ahead of time. Call ahead for reservations at restaurants and hotels in advance. Additionally, consider whether driving or flying is best for your family. Both travel options have their pros and cons. Be sure to consider which option is the best for your travel.

When traveling, protect others. The best kind of covid-safe trip is one where you can socially distant. Considering traveling to state parks or a nearby camping site. Stay away from crowded locations. Be sure to wear masks when indoors and even outside when social distancing is not feasible. Be sure to carry lots of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes as well. Wipe during common surfaces, such as door handles or shopping carts. Additionally, be sure to bring extra masks, as it is safest to wear a mask once to limit contamination.

There are many places to travel while being covid-safe. A great option is camping with an RV. RVs offer seclusion while still allowing for travel and a break. Check out campgrounds in national parks or even your state park. Another great trip idea is traveling out into the country and staying in a remote cabin near the mountains. There are lodging destinations throughout the country, making this trip idea accessible to most people. Staying on the water is a great trip idea as well. You can rent a place to stay either on the lake or near the ocean. A great trip idea is renting a houseboat when the weather is warm. This is a great socially-distanced option for anyone. Consider one of these trip ideas for a covid-safe trip.

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