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How to take care of your unique loom rug?

Making the time to rotate your rug every few months will help you a lot to reduce the rugs stress in specific areas, this is one of the best tips to keep the shape of your pile rug

Depending on the rug material your carpet might be used outdoors or indoors, in most cases, unique loom rugs are made with wool, this is a magnificent natural material that can be used to create rugs able to stand high traffic indoor areas and last for long periods of time.

To take care of unique loom rugs made of wool is very simple, keep in mind to use rug pads and remember to vacuum your rugs periodically and softly, this will be the best way to take care of your wool rugs. Keep in mind to use a gentle vacuum set up, you really want to avoid anything like a spinning brush. 

Using a rug beater is also a practical option, you can take your rug outside once a year and beat the dust out of it, it will be good for your rug and yourself.

Since wool is a natural fiber we don't advise you to use harsh chemicals on your wool rugs. The best option is to dilute your preferred soft soap in a generous amount of water, always test whatever product you are using in a little spot of your rug— If you don't want to take any risks stick to water


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