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How To Scrape Product Data From Flipkart?

How to Scrape Product Data from Flipkart& WEB SCREEN


Flipkart Product
Data Scraping
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About Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian Leading E-commerce company. Flipkart was found by two young Entrepreneurs in 2007. 

Earlier, they were into bookselling, before expanding other products like Electronics, Fashion, music, books, and more this is how they created a big brand name Flipkart.

Flipkart has two big competitors like Amazon and Snapdeal. In 2017 Flipkart remarkably dominant for sales of apparel, and they have decided that they will be in the competition with Amazon for Electronics & Mobile Phone Sales.

Product data extraction has become a crucial part of businesses that will influence big data and get the upper hand in the competition. There are many ways to extract data from the web, product data extraction services are one of the finest ways to extract the Flipkart Data Extract Services.

Web Screen Scraping is the leading Flipkart Data Extraction Services providing company with all the necessary expertise to scrape data from Flipkart to deliver as the constant feeds, the industry vertical or use case you have targeted. 

Flipkart provides a one-stop shopping solution and provides an EMI facility without shelling out processing fees. And it applies to some products like Mobiles, Laptops, some large and small appliances, watches, etc. Flipkart gives you multiple options available in your mind which will fulfill all your needs and help you in Flipkart data scraping Services.

You can scrap the Flipkart Product Data without any restrictions when you select your Flipkart Product Data Extraction Service Provider on the targeted sites for the data extraction.

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figuresp Facts & Figures
  • There are around 160 million registered users are there on Flipkart by 2019 and we can say it’s a huge amount of people are using Flipkart services. And the approximate revenue of Flipkart is around $8.1 billion according to 2018.
  • PhonePe is the part of Flipkart and there are approx. 100 million users registered on PhonePe as of 2018 and they are happily using the services.
  • By 2019 44% of the Flipkart project is been share by the Indian E-commerce market. The best thing is that there are 50 million people who had downloaded the Flipkart Android app.
  • Flipkart has 80 million products as of 2020 it means it's a one-stop solution and the people get the thing easily on one-stop and there are around 100,000 sellers in Flipkart. It includes 80 types of categories on Flipkart.
  • Flipkart has 30,000 employees register officially. And Flipkart handles 8 million shipments monthly. As we know Walmart had bought 75% of the Flipkart share in 2018.
  • Approximately Walmart is Paying $15 billion of its share price to Flipkart. $2million is the Average number of daily online transaction is received by PhonePe and offline transaction on PhonePe is 1 million.
  • Flipkart has 21 warehouses in different countries means it has covered almost everything. 2.5 million people are using Flipkart messaging services.

Flipkart Product Data Scraping

p Flipkart Product Data Scraping Services

By product data, you will be able to check the product quality and you will be able to analyze the products too. Companies like Web Screen Scraping can fulfill all those requirements. We Provide the Best Flipkart Product Scraping Service provider in the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Australia, etc. that helps you to scrape the Product Data Scraping from Flipkart.

We scrape data from different E-commerce Websites and reviews sections too. We provide fully Customizable Solutions for scraping data from Flipkart which has Highly Scalable capabilities. We are using all the latest technology so that you will get the solutions according to the requirement and you can scrape the Product Data Services.

Web Scraping Flipkart helps you to tackle all the targeted websites or can help to change the design and structure of the required quick support for Flipkart Product Data Scraping services. You will get all the updated availability, pricing, and other data for E-commerce websites using crawling services.

List of Data Fields

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View Detads

Web Screen Scraping scrapes the following data fields from Flipkart Seller’s Rankings.

  • Product list
  • Features
  • Price: Sales, List
  • Images
  • Brand
  • Product Description
  • Part No. / Product Number / SKU
  • Model Number
  • EMI
  • Number of Ratings
  • Number of Reviews
  • Highlights
  • Specification
  • Description
  • URL
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Discount Percentage

The data regarding the product consists of a name, description, images, features, etc., and can easily pull-out products from web pages and databases. The webpage is having the most updated and recent information which can be pulled out for the Product Data Extraction Services. Many users hire Flipkart Product Scraper so that we scrape data from different websites. This automatic procedure of data scraping is quick and produces a specific amount of outputs that will match various database platforms.

Why us?

Why usRTT
  • We scrape all the details related to Product Data Extraction Services, and we save them for future purposes. These Data will be very much useful for many organizations and firms that are looking to take strategic decisions depending on the situation these days.
  • Many web pages have useful details about the products, so there is a requirement to scrape data from the product websites. The procedure can easily get completed using Flipkart product data scraping.
  • Many web pages have useful details about the products, so there is a requirement to scrape data from the product websites. The procedure can easily get completed using Flipkart product data scraping.
  • Scraping Flipkart Product Data from a website that is available on the website from that you can do. We provide the best Flipkart Web Scraping Services.

Contact us for all your Flipkart Product Data Scraping Services requirements or ask for a free quote

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