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How to Scrape Hotel and Homestay Data?

The worldwide hospitality industry had witnessed the highest growth in the past decade. The increase in emerging markets, better-earning capability, as well as technological advancements, are amongst the best reasons, which have positively affected the tourism, travel, as well as hospitality industry.

Businesses will take benefit of web scraping API for scraping hotel and homestay data from well-known travel sites. You can utilize the data to understand hotel prices, consumer preferences, patterns, and more.

Why Extract Hotel and Homestay Data?


Data scraping is the procedure of scraping a huge amount of data from targeted websites. Well-known travel websites like Airbnb, Hotels.com, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. are home to thousands of hotels and homestay lists. These stages are utilized by millions of travelers to make them an excellent resource for finding important business insights.

Find Out Popular Trends and Locations

For example, with the support of data extracted from well-known travel websites, one can discover popular destinations amongst travelers. Prices of well-known locations, the amenities expected by the clients, cancellation policies, as well as additional data could be easily available with web scraping.

Lesser Costs and Time

Manually undergoing hundreds of listings for finding important data points in travel portals might be extremely time-consuming. Another inventive solution is to utilize a programmed web scraping solution. That’s how you will get data points from thousands of hotels and homestay entries, allowing you to concentrate on the marketing aspects, which could assist you in improving and growing your business.

Data Fields to Be Extracted from Different Hotels and Homestay Booking Websites

Data scraping solution providers like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling helps you customize your data scraping requirements. You may target all the accessible data points or concentrate on selecting a few, which are important for your requirements. Some of the common fields of travel websites include:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Contact Details
  • Property Description
  • Pictures
  • Room Types
  • Rating or Review
  • Pricing Per Night
  • Room Description
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Accessible Amenities
  • Check-In & Check-Out Timings
  • House Rules (Homestays)

When the necessary data is collected, this would be cleaned before getting delivered in the preferred formats. All these data are presented in a well-structured manner for providing important insights to associated businesses. Depending on these data, you may optimize the business strategy as well as improve offerings.

How Scraped Hotel and Homestay Data Can Be Useful?


Businesses associated with the hospitality business can utilize the extracted hotel data in different ways. Let’s go through some examples:

Competitive Prices

The presence of online traveling portals means the customers can get a good amount of deals from the competitors. Through scraping hotel data, it’s easy to get the price ranges of accommodation at particular locations. Leveraging data scraping as well as price monitoring services could help you become updated as well as utilize prices in real-time.

Understanding Customers’ Preferences

Amongst the finest ways of understanding customers’ preferences is to analyze the reviews as well as ratings they have for hotels via travel portals. The types of accommodations tourists generally favor, the facilities they anticipate, their general experience, as well as more can assist you to find out information, which can be utilized for understanding customer’s preferences and likes.

Making Hotel Listings More Attractive

You can concentrate your data requirements on getting the amenities provided by the majority of local hotels & homestays. After that, you could try and provide similar facilities at your properties to attract more tourists. Instead, you can try providing something unique, which other hotels are not providing, so that your listing looks more attractive.

Better Marketing Strategy

In case, you are having an online travel website, you may take clues from other well-known websites to increase your business. Extracted data can assist you to define how a specific travel website lists hotels & homestays, the data they offer, how it is organized, and more. These data insights can improve the operations as well as help your platform to attract more travelers and property owners.

Comprehensive Market Overview

If you are planning to launch a travel portal or register your hotel on a common platform, this is also important to get a comprehensive overview of the industry. With scraped data from detailed geographic locations would assist you to understand which sites are in demand.

The present overview will offer a clear picture of challenges and opportunities, allowing you to do your operations more confidently.

Scrape Hotel & Homestay Data and Lift Your Business

Mobile apps and online platforms are commonly utilized by people whenever they book any place for staying. The huge popularity of all these platforms converts them into gold mines of data that can be extremely useful for your competitors as well as related businesses.

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling provides web scraping solutions that help you empower the web scraping procedure. It provides actionable data that can be utilized to get perceptive data analytics, data-driven strategies, and meaningful reports. As you may customize data scraping solutions, it’s easy to target data fields that are most important for your success and growth.

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