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How To Scrape EBay Using Python And LXML

How To Scrape EBay Using Python And LXMLVO

How To Scrape EBay Using
Python And LXML

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This article helps you to display how can you Extract eBay and Scrape Data like the name and price of all the product categories through a brand. Web Extracting eBay can assist you to collect details for eBay keywords monitoring, brand monitoring, price monitoring, and price intelligence. Extracting eBay listing on a daily basis can be beneficial to check all the information and compare that with competitor's website.

How can you Scrape eBay?

1. Build the URL to search different results for extracting eBay.

Sample -


2. Download HTML to search result pages using the Python Request.

3. Parse a page using the LXML – LXML and navigate an HTML Tree Arrangement using Xpaths.

4. You can save extracted eBay products data into the CSV file.

The below-mentioned image will show the data to scrape using these eBay extracting tutorials.

ebay scraperAir Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game Retro Varsity Red Black CT801

ee US $229.95

For Sale: Nike Air Jordan Retro 12 Reverse Flu Game (2020 ed )

Style: C

Colorway: Varsity Red/Black

Sizes: Mens 7.5 - 14

You can easily extract data like ratings given by clients, the amount of products that are sold, we keep the eBay scraper straightforward and we can scrape these.

Requirements for Extracting eBay

Installing Python 3 as well as Pip

Here we will show you how you install the Python 3 within Linux -

A Mac User can refer the guide -


For eBay extracting article with Python 3, you need some downloading packages for parsing HTML. Here are some of the package supplies.


We are monitoring prices for their brand and this is for Apple -


You may download from the below-given link at

in case, the insert given does not work.

In case, you like a code of Python 2.7, then you can go through the link given below

Running eBay Python Scraper

Here, we have given the name to script eBay_scraper.py. In case, you insert script name command or terminal prompt having a-h


usage: ebay_scraper.py [-h] brand                                                                            

positional arguments:


  brand       Brand Name


optional arguments:


  -h, --help show this help message and exit

A brand represents what is accessible by eBay. So, you may type brand eBay currently on-site like – Canon, Dell, Samsung, etc. This Script should run with a row for Brand. For example, if you need to discover all the Apple products on the eBay then we can route the scraper in this way.

Python 3 eBay_scraper.py apple

This article helps you to extract the product data like price, name, as well as URL from the first result page, so the CSV file is enough to fix the data. In case, you like to scrape information in huge amounts, then the JSON file will be more suitable. You may read nearly for choosing data format, you just need to be assured.

It will help you to create the file name apple-eBay-scraped-data.csv this will remain in the similar binder like the script. Just go through some data scraped of eBay in the CSV file for a given command.

ebay data list scraperExplicit URL





» weer e57y Air-orcsan-12 Ar orci . voruty $7299 ’ opm Oe G/ NAAAOS WEL HON 5-1500 16g
m/e 2  Jorcser Reverse F B $8999 rp fle irnoge/o 5000

worm wary Com tn 2 cso 12 Inco Retro Stone Bue Wh $0 Http Lot on emiges / BIYAAOS wi 2100e/5 100 850

, wm aba com/ tm ikand-New-Ma. rand New Mer's Nim A Jargon True + [= re rymg moe. WISRALY/5- 800 0g

You can easily download the code at

Why Extract eBay?

eBay extracting using a code given above is valuable for several reasons. Here are some details about how data extracting eBay could be benefited.

1. eBay monitoring Keyword – You can monitor easily using eBay for any definite keyword using this Article.

2. Brand Monitoring – It’s easy to change the search terms in this article to include the brand name as well as can easily observed which brand is getting sold more on eBay.

3. Monitoring Prices – eBay has the largest market in the globe, extracting eBay for comparison and price with Amazon scraper as well as Walmart scraper prices data can assist you to generate effective price monitoring systems.

Why Extract eBay?

This Code helps you to extract eBay pricing and data of maximum brand offers. If you are looking for the best eBay Data Scraping Services, then you can contact Web Screen Scraping for all your queries.


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