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How to Prefer a Perfect Content Layout for Your WordPress Website Blog



Increasing traffic and attracting new users to your sites require more specific content and a great quality layout. It is important that you display your site's content with users. We generally get attracted by the site's layout while searching, it works for all. Now, your traffic and your new sign-up for newsletters depend on the exquisite layout of your site. 

This article would highlight the content layout for the WordPress blog website so that it becomes easy for you to pick the right layout for your blog. Let us look at the types of blog layouts available.

Types of Blog Layouts:

Let's take a look at various content layouts available with WordPress theme development services.


Full-page or single-column layouts cover the whole page of your website. Similarly, the content of your blog restrains the full width of the browser. A WordPress blog website using a single-column layout is ideal for personal blogs, literary journals, and travel blogs.

Two-Column (With a Sidebar):

The two-column blog layout covers a wide main column and a single sidebar that can be added to the left/right of the main column. This layout is truly common as it displays additional knowledge and presents a related page as that of blog posts.


The layout is ideal for blogs and magazines that emphasize plenty of content. The central column contains the blog content along with the 2 sidebars comprising additional information.  

Grid/Gallery Layouts:

This blog layout is unique in style with grid design. It is used mostly on blogs loaded with images. The layout style offers

  • Highlight posts
  • Appears visually staggering

Which Would Work Best For You?

Choosing the best layout for your business blogs totally depends on you. That which type of design you're willing to create and deliver messages by your content to a targeted audience. If you are too confused you can also take the help of a WordPress development company, to acquire the right layout that can suit your business site. Some things you should consider for choosing layouts. 

  • Are you going to include a heavy image in your blog?
  • Do you want to create long-form posts?
  • Are you planning to publish often just like a magazine or online newspaper?
  • Do you want to sell products on your website- offline or online?

Tips to Select a Perfect Blog Layout for Your Business Blog Post

Select your Blog Objective:

Certainly, all blogs are designed with some aims in mind. It is unlikely to accomplish anything without a goal in mind.

It is important to set goals for your blogs so that you can set metrics for the goals respectively. Make sure the goals are feasible and selecting the right blog layout and WordPress development Service Company can help monetize your blog.

List of Features You Want:

  • Search
  • RSS Feed
  • Blog Post Archive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Comment System
  • Comment Spam Protection
  • Contact Method

Why Simplistic is usually preferred?


A responsive theme means their layout fits all screen sizes and devices. Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in search results. Hence, your WordPress themes need to be responsive by default.

Browser Adaptability:

Not all users use the same browser and thus your theme needs to be showcased utterly on all browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, etc. This is where browser adaptability comes into the picture.

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