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How To Plot Location Data From A CSV File As A Points On QGIS?

How-to-Plot-Location-Data-from-a-CSV-File-as-a-Points-on-QGISPH Locations

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What Is QGIS?

QGIS also known as Quantum GIS, is a free and open-source application for desktop Geographic information that supports viewing, editing, and monitoring of Geospatial information. It can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and mobile devices. It also enables a wide range of multiple spatial data analyses through various tools and plugins.

Location Data For Visualization

We will use Subway store location datasets in United States from the Locationscloud store.

Visualizing Point Data Over The Base Map

isualizing-Point-Data-Over-the-Base-Map254s Nw gave

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301 wr th seek

1055 we Tun Ave

B83 Biscayne she

{ Bs .

294 We dea Street
Prveazeae 104 Em Fogler Street

172 west Magtey Strpet Regi


590 South Miseni Avene

2211 Ponce Ga Loon hive
2301 Corst way 109 Corsi way

The simplest method to know the store location data more is to plot it on the map. When we map points on a 2D surface, we can easily see their spatial relationships, such as closeness or aggregation. By just visually analyzing the data points plotted above a topographic map, we can learn more about the data points. You may find out the locations of the stores in the city and nearby towns, roads, lakes, and other geographical locations.

The following are the steps of placing position information over a region/base country’s map:

• Import the default map.
• As just a point vector, import the CSV file from the Locationscloud shop.
• Modify the symbology and label everything correctly.
• QGIS allows you to save the map as an image or a PDF.

Importing The Base Map

The Base map layer gives background details like roads, points of interest, building footprints, rivers, etc. Because Open Street Maps (OSM) is indeed the default in QGIS, we’ll employ it as our foundation map. You can also utilize Google Maps, Mapbox, Bing Maps, and other similar base maps.

Select Layers tab from the main toolbar, select AddLayer>AddXYZLayer>Select OpenStreetMap>Add.

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Throughout the QGIS layers tab, OSM has been included as a layer and it can be viewed in the map canvas area.

Throughout-the-QGIS-layers-tab-OSM-has-been-included-as-a-layer-and-it-can-be-viewed-in-the-map-canvas-areautled Project — QGIS

gd View [EH] settings Plugins Vector Raster Database Web Mesh Processing Help
% Data rce Manager CrrieL (Oo
« 9 J J y ~

Create Layer Van oan B
V; Add Vector Layer CtrieShifteV =
Embed Layers and Groups B®, Add Raster Layer CtrieShifteR
Add from Layer Definition File. B® Add Mesh Layer
Copy Style
Favorites Paste Sty RB, Add PostGIS Layers CtrieShifteD
Spatie] Bock: 35 Copy Layer dd Spatalite Layer CtrivShiftel
dd MSSQL Spatial Layer
8, Add DB2 Spatial Layer Ctrl«Shifte2
@, Add Oracle Spatial Layer Cirle Shifts O
8 Add/Edit Virtual Layer
8) Add WMS/WMTS Layer Ctrie Shifts W
Add XYZ Layer


@ GeoPackage

/ spata Save As
a a

@ rosiGis Save As Layer Definition File @ Ad ArcGIS Map Service Layer

P mssal Remove Layer/Group . @ Add WCS Layer

Oracle Duplicate Layer(s) & sd Wr Layer

@ce2 > -
s ; J dd ArcGIS Feature Service La
@® WMSAWMTS Set Scale Visibility of Layer(s) yer

B8 vector Tiles Set CRS of Layers)
iy Set Project CRS from Layer

dd Vector Tile Layer.

CART Layer Properties

~ Vv I Openstree
Li ing

©2 Show in Overview
©0 Show All in Overview
OZ Hide All from Overview

sording 18762226,21039364 RY 2257461856 ~ | @ agnih 100%

Importing The CSV File As A Point Vector

Importing-the-CSV-File-as-a-Point-VectorData Source Manager | Defimuted Text

Fie rama C\Usars marc Donrioeds subway amo cov

Layer nama subway apie
© Pile Format
© CSV (comma separated values)
Regular expression deme:
Cuntorn cakmstars
+ Record and Fields Options

a Nombar of hander nat 10 dacard Decimal separator is comma

V Fist record has fad names Tren fics
Detect fd types Duscard emgty fekds

+ Geometry Definition

[x hoc Long. ~
® Point coordinates 2d is Ee
¥ fait Latituce Ll

Well known text (WKT) pe——

0 grormatry (attritn rly table) [Georetry CRS Project CRS: EPSGIA126 - WGS 84

= Layer Settings.
Use spatial index:
Sample Data

Name Street City Zp Code Pho
13300 Expressway 83 3300 Expressway 83 Room D7 Palms Crossing Town Center Mcallen 78501 9% 992

2 409 N Market Place 409 N Market Place Wal Mart 82869 Lansing 48917 517.627
3 37 Route? 37 Route 2 Preston 6365 860-892

480 Amber AN Bmhorct Bd Sst A) Cocdar Rims Vins Dias Nacho woken marae”
‘ »

We’ll import the shop location data as just a point vector layer after we include the base map. The CSV file picked up from Locationscloud will appear as shown below. The data will be fetched in an excel sheet. Each entry present in the table has Latitude and Longitude, depending on which we can plot the points.

The latitudes and longitudes are the types of coordinates and every entry in the table will be inserted as a point vector. Here, we will assign Longitude as the X-coordinate and latitude as Y-coordinate to a fresh ‘Delimited Text Layer’.

Go to the Layers tab from the main toolbar then select AddLayer> Add Delimited Text layer.

Go-to-the-Layers-tab-from-the-main-toolbar-then-select-AddLayer-Add-Delimited-Text-layerv © Marker
® Simple Marker

topo hospital 10po pop caprtal

Browse for the Locationscloud CSV file in the ‘Data Source Manager’ box that appears. Choose X and Y fields for latitude and longitude respectively. Also, choose the related Geometry CRS (Coordinate reference system) depending on the area or country you are living. For the United States, EPSG 4326 – WGS 84 is considered.

For-the-United-States,-EPSG-4326-–-WGS-84-is-considered.(QQ Layer Properties — subway_usa_mainland — Labels

@i Single Labels
Value 5 Name
~ Text Sample

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

we Text Text

ormatt Font

3% Placer

J Renden Color

Allow HTML formatting


Add button must add various points to a layer of Subway store locations over the base map. Then, Right-click on the data layer and choose ‘Zoom to layer’ option, you will see the below image:

Then,-Right-click-on-the-data-layer-and-choose-‘Zoom-to-layer’-option,-you-will-see-the-below-image263 rence Se esa vw
{ 29 corns 2100 Conia

Edit The Symbology And Label Properly

To make the map more attractive, let’s alter the symbology of both the point vector layers. The size, color, shape, and other attributes of the symbols used in each point are referred to as symbology.

Right-clicking the point data layer, choose properties, and go to the symbology tab.

Edit-the-Symbology-and-label-properlyQ “Untitled Project — QGIS
Daa] Edit View Layer Settings Plugins Vector Raster Database Web Mesh Processing Help

"New CirieN D ) 1 on QFE

~ wt =v 1

New from Template

NE yg mgy @

Open Cule0
Open From
Open Recent
3 save Cirle ) | ot
B® save As Ctrl + Shifts i

Cove To , 12545 Nw 42 "Ave

. rst 738 pet
/ Properties Ctrie Shifts P
Snapping Options pee
Bl; Export Map to Image
) New Print Layout
2 New Report Export Project to DXF
3) Layout Manager Import Layers from DWG/DXF
Ext QGIS CtrleQ
@ GeoPackage
/ Spatialite
§ rostols
P mssaL
@ Oracle

& os2

@® wms/wMmTS
BE vector Tiles

A wes
&) WFS / OGC API - Features

Choose the ‘Single Symbol’ option from the symbology box. Make any necessary changes to the symbol’s size, color, and type.


To assign a label to every other point of data, right-click the layer, pick properties, and then the Label option. Here we may choose the field to be used as the label and change the label’s other characteristics.


Choose ‘Single Label’ and then ‘Value’ entry from the table as the label. Each store’s location name is labeled here. Set the font, font color, font size, opacity, and other parameters to your preference.


The map after editing the symbology, and labels will be somewhat


Exporting Map As An Image Or PDF

We can save the map we’re looking at in QGIS’ Image canvas area as a PDF or an Image (png). We’re only exporting a portion of the map in this report. Right-click the image layer and select the ‘Zoom to Layer ‘option to export the complete map. In that scenario, you can disable the labels for a more professional appearance.

For the time being, we’ll just export a basic map without any additional map elements. If necessary, you can use QGIS to include legends, scale, north arrows, and other map components.

Firstly, zoom and slide the image across the canvas to export it in PDF or PNG format.

Go to the project>Import/Export>Export as Image for png format or Export as PDF to receive the final map in PDF format.

For any queries, contact Locationscloud, today!!

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