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How to Know that You Need that Expensive Car Repair


Our vehicles are one of the most expensive and important assets we have. We depend on them to get to work, to school, to the theatre, and to many other important events. Experts from Turbolts.com say a few things to consider when should you do simple car repair estimates or decide to give it a long overhaul. As such it needs to be functioning properly, so when something mysterious happens with your vehicle and the repair estimate seems outrageous, there are few things to consider:

  • How can you know if that estimate is accurate or fair?
  • How can someone without a lot of automotive knowledge be assured that they're not getting ripped off?
  • What resources do consumers have available to them, and which are most useful?

We may see that estimate and think that it is unfair or inaccurate, but most times that is not the case. The automotive industry is growing rapidly. The demand for automotive-related services and sales have increased to a never before height resulting in higher priced parts and labor rate. Some reason that since the repair facility receives their parts at a discounted price, then why doesn't the shop give me a discount?

The fact is, the shop has to make money too. Some repair shops offer different specials or discounts to their customers. Some may have coupons available and others could have a continuous customer policy or program, giving repeat customers credit towards another repair or service.

The majority of the people who get their cars repaired by automotive repair facilities often do so because they know little about it themselves. Otherwise, they would have no need for someone else do it. Even those with little automotive knowledge can be assured that they are not getting ripped off. Here are a few ideas that can help:

  1. Call several different repair shops, including dealers, and ask for a quote.
  2. Ask what the going rate per hour is in your area.
  3. Call various parts stores yourself and ask for pricing on the parts you need.
  4. Check with the Better Business Bureau for the shops credibility.

If the quotes are similarly priced and described, it is often safe to say that the shop is safe. Ironically, the dealer's quotes are higher than other repair shops. This is usually a rip-off, because the dealers buy the parts for the cost of making them, then they mark them up 300%! And no, they don't give discounts, but if you would like to buy a new car, they would be more than happy to finance you.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to get your car repaired is up to you. How much do you need your car? How would not repairing the problem affect the rest of the car? Does the cost of the repair outweigh the value of the vehicle? Does the vehicle function properly without the repair? Considering these questions can be a great aid to those contemplating a repair on their vehicle. It all comes to the most important question, how much does the vehicle mean to you?

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