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How to get the best ever sleeve boxes?

 the sleeve is one of the most popular products in the cosmetic industry. Moreover, they are used by men and women equally. sleeve has many skin-care benefits such as even skin tone, treatment for dark circles, etc. Thus, many brands cosmetic brands have started manufacturing sleeves due to their popularity. So, it is important to make your product stand out to increase your sales. You can do so by designing eye-catching boxes. Here are some ways to get fantastic sleeve boxes

Use high-quality materials


sleeve mostly comes in stylish glass bottles. Moreover, the product inside is quite expensive too. Thus, it is vital to use good-quality materials. Such materials will prevent glass bottles from breaking or getting damaged. You can choose from a variety of customizable materials for this purpose. 

Eco-friendly kraft material is an excellent option for wholesale sleeve boxes. It is totally recyclable, biodegradable, and customizable as well. Moreover, environment-friendly packaging is preferred by customers as well. Thus, you can make your boxes attractive and increase sales by going green. 

Cardstock is also a common choice for packaging sleeves. This material is thick and durable. Thus, it keeps the glass bottles safe from any damage. Moreover, it is readily available, which makes it budget-friendly as well. Similarly, rigid materials can also be used. It is thicker than cardstock and resilient. It can be customized according to your requirements and is a suitable material for custom sleeve product packaging boxes. 

Go for alluring and easily accessible designs 

The design of the box is one of its most essential characteristics. A box has two primary purposes; to protect the product inside and to attract customers. So, by designing attractive custom sleeve boxes, you can easily fulfill the latter purpose. The design of your boxes should be enticing and efficient at the same time. Using the sleeve may get frustrating for the customers if the box is not efficient. 

You can choose from many diverse designs for your boxes. The sizes, shapes, and materials of these designs can be easily customized. Packaging companies offer the following designs for sleeve: 

• Tuck end boxes. 

• Auto-lock bottom box. 

• Sleeve boxes. 

• Seal end boxes. 

You can increase the accessibility of these boxes by adding inserts to them. Inserts keep the sleeve in place during deliveries or displays. Thus, by adding these, you can also provide extra care for your sleeve Boxes. Inserts will not only make the assembling easier, but they will also make the unboxing experience better. Cardboard, paper, foam, and punch inserts are mostly used in packaging for sleeve products

Choose a suitable printing technique


There are different printing techniques available for your boxes. Choosing an appropriate technique can significantly enhance the content printed on your boxes. The following three printing tech techniques are available for custom printed sleeve boxes: 

• Digital printing. 

• Offset printing. 

• Flexography printing. 

In addition to this, you can also customize the content you want to print on wholesale custom serum packaging boxes. When customers are selecting suitable Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes, they rely heavily on the information printed on the boxes. This information helps the customer know if the sleeve they're choosing matches their requirements or not. Printing the brand name and logo on the box is crucial. This makes your product stand out and helps the customer remember it for future purchases as well. Apart from this, you can print the following information as well: 

• Ingredients used. 

• Directions for use. 

• Different purposes the sleeve can be used for. 

Charming color combinations 

The color of a box greatly affects its attractiveness. Thus, you can make your boxes alluring by choosing vibrant color combinations. Moreover, you can also go for a modern and sleek look by selecting a solid color. Also, you can choose a color, pattern, or design for the inside of the box. This will surprise the customers when they unbox your sleeve and make their experience even better. Moreover, you can also choose the color model you want for your sleeve packaging boxes wholesale. Packaging companies offer the following two color models: 

• CMYK. 

• PMS. 

Furthermore, you can also pick a coating to elevate the colors used in the box. You can select any coating from the following three for an elegant look: 

• Gloss coating. 

• Matte coating. 

• Spot UV. 

Include add-ons to make the packaging stylish 


Add-ons are a great way to take any basic design to the next level. Moreover, they can be availed at any packaging company to make your boxes look fabulous. Also, you can use these add-ons in any way you want. For instance, foil stamping can be used to make your logo distinctive. On the other hand, embossing or debossing can be used for the printed content for a luxurious look. Similarly, you can also use die-cutting and PVC windows to give a little sneak peek of the Cardboard Sleeve inside. This will intrigue customers and attract them to your sleeve. Thus, using add-ons is the perfect choice to make custom sleep sleeve boxes look fabulous and increase sales. 

Pick UrgentBoxes for your packaging needs 

UrgentBoxes is a packaging company based in the USA. They offer quality services at affordable rates as well. Thus, UrgentBoxes is a good choice for ordering custom retail sleeve boxes. They offer all the materials and customizations you need for designing the perfect box. After designing your box, you can request a prototype for your satisfaction as well. Moreover, they provide free delivery all over the US. 

For further information about ordering sleeve boxes, you can visit their website. Also, you can contact their 24/7 operational webpage as well.


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