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How to create Irresistible eyeliner boxes within no time?

The beauty industry is flourishing daily, and companies are coming up with different kinds of beauty products. However, a product that is still as famous as ever is eyeliner. Eyeliners are essential for completing any make-up look. Moreover, several companies manufacture different kinds of eyeliners in various colors, as well. So, this may make the competition in this industry quite tough. Therefore, it is vital to use unique custom eyeliner packaging for your eyeliners. This will help your eyeliners stand out and boost your business as well.

Here are some easy ways for you to design irresistible eyeliner boxes as well.

Choose the right material for packaging




Make-up and beauty products are often fragile and require extra safety. The same rule applies to eyeliners. So, to increase the safety of the eyeliners, you should choose a sturdy and high-quality material. The durable material will keep the eyeliners safe from damage so that the customers can get what they paid for. Furthermore, such material will also prolong the shelf life of the custom eyeliner boxes as well.

Cardstock is a frequently chosen material for wholesale eyeliner boxes. Cardstock is durable and keeps the eyeliners away from damage. Moreover, it is an inexpensive material as well. So, you can order a lot of quality boxes while staying within your budget. Similarly, rigid material can also be used for these boxes. The rigid material is resilient and can be used to create eye-catching sturdy boxes. Also, it can be customized in any way you wish.

Prefer eco-friendly substitutes

The constantly depreciating condition of our environment has spread panic among people. Hence, everyone is trying their best to opt for eco-friendly alternatives to slow this process down. Therefore, packaging companies also offer sustainable packaging for eyeliners as well. By choosing green packaging, you can show customers that you care for the environment and create a special place in their hearts. Moreover, you can also keep the environment healthy without damaging the environment.

You can use kraft material for eco-friendly eyeliner boxes. This material is recyclable, environment-friendly, and biodegradable as well. Moreover, it keeps the eyeliner safe and can be customized as well. So, by selecting sustainable boxes for eyeliners, you can attract more customers and boost your sales.

Pick a design as chic as the eyeliners


Eyeliners are available in several diverse forms. Therefore, it is vital to choose a design that fits the eyeliners the best. Packaging companies offer several different designs for packaging your eyeliners. Moreover. You can personalize the size, dimension, and shapes of these designs to fit the eyeliners. Some of the fantastic designs available for eyeliner boxes wholesale are:

● Sleeve boxes.

● Tuck-end boxes.

● Seal-end boxes.

● Five-panel hanger boxes.

Also, you can select a coating of your preference for the boxes as well. A fitting coating can have a significant impact on the boxes. You can choose your boxes from either of the following three coatings: 

● Gloss coating. 

● Matte coating. 

● Spot UV. 

Make the packaging unique and unforgettable 

Uniqueness is the key to make memorable and attractive boxes. It would be best if you designed the lotion boxes in such a way that customers can’t take their eyes off them. Attractive packaging can also act as a way to promote and advertise your product. Such packaging can have many benefits. For instance, it will increase the eyeliners' visibility, which will attract more people towards it. Thus, it will ultimately increase your sales.

By now, you may have realized the importance of eye-catching eyeliner packaging boxes. So, a useful yet easy way to do this is by coming up with creative color combinations. Color plays an essential role in the design and can instantly make a box attractive. Furthermore, they can also be used to give the eyeliner a sleek and modern look, which most make-up boxes possess. Moreover, you can go for a minimalistic look to create elegant boxes as well.  

No matter what color scheme you choo, you can make it better with customized color models. There are two models available for these boxes. They are: 


● PMS 

In addition to this, you can also use add-ons for your boxes. Add-ons are beneficial for giving eyeliners a luxurious and high-end look. Moreover, they can help you create such an impressive box that customers won’t be able to resist purchasing it. Some beautiful add-ons you can use for catchy custom eyeliner box are: 

● Foil stamping. 

● Debossing. 

● Embossing. 

● Die-cutting. 

● PVC windows. 

how can you Convey important details?


Manufacturers often neglect printing, which costs them many precious sales. Thus, it is crucial to focus on printing to avoid this mistake. Moreover, printing can help communicate with customers to know more about your amazing eyeliners. Hence, you can do this by including details such as expiration dates, directions for use, and precautions. 

Furthermore, it is essential to print the logo and brand name to assist the branding process. Also, you can choose a suitable printing technique. These are the techniques available for custom eyeliner packaging 

● Flexography printing. 

● Offset printing. 

● Digital printing. 

Team up with UrgentBoxes to manufacture eye-catching packaging 

Urgent Boxes is a packaging company that provides beneficial solutions for your packaging-related needs. Moreover, you can easily rely on them to manufacture artistic eyeliner boxes for your company. At UrgentBoxes, you can get amazing services at just as amazing prices as well. Also, they offer free delivery all over the USA. 

So, to order window eyeliner boxes, you can contact their customer support or visit their website as well. 


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