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How To Create Digital Domination For Your Brand

Why rely on one or two ways to reach clients as individual marketing silos?

Leverage the power of Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM) to position your brand as the obvious choice and thus create more customers.

How To Create Digital Domination For Your BrandThe Importance
of Multichannel

How MCM Creates Greater ROI 

According to statistics from the Advertising Research Foundation, companies see up to a 35% increase in ROI when they use five media platforms to market versus just one. Think about it this way: In a tight, well-targeted multichannel campaign, your customers will see your marketing message multiple times across different mediums — the same message, but optimized for the medium at hand.

MCM deploys multi-layered campaigns which can coordinate the following strategies:

  • Social media advertising through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit

  • Pay-per-click advertising via Google and Bing

  • CRMs

  • Email marketing

  • Texting

  • Websites and landing pages

  • Blogging

  • Clickbait

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Video and YouTube marketing

  • Reviews on Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook

  • Call center scheduling

  • Publicity and press releases

  • Postcards and direct mail

  • Podcasting

  • Events, webinars and workshops

  • Radio and TV

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing Important?

This huge assortment of marketing channels means that your potential customers could be anywhere – and you need to be where they are. As the number of potential marketing channels grows even further (and you can bet that it will), designing multi-channel marketing campaigns will continue to be key for reigning in top-tier customers.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

More Attention: Having your foot in so many doors means you’ll get more customers and brand recognition. Investing in one channel can increase interest in your business through other channels; for example, we've found that advertising on YouTube can increase regular Google searches for your brand name by 420%.

More Touch Points: Having more touch points in your marketing funnel allows you to collect more data. This data can help you develop a better understanding of where your promotions work best and measure your success.

Your Brand Stays Consistent: Using multi-channel marketing means your brand can stay consistent across mediums, since you are managing your business’s reputation across all areas.

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