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How to Conduct Performance Reviews Remotely

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COVID-19 presents multiple challenges for employers and supervisors who must deliver performance reviews to remote employees. One of those challenges is that the nature of the remote work itself has changed the relationship between employer and employee and made certain elements of employee development more challenging. Another is that it can be more difficult to track employee productivity and accomplishment. On top of all this, even with video, remote meetings can cut out some in-person cues that may make communication feel more impersonal.

It may be helpful to have more frequent reviews because employees who work remotely often start to feel disconnected from the company, but these reviews should be positive in nature and focused on the employee’s development or the employee may become resentful of the intrusion. While it is important to ensure that remote employees are doing the necessary work, it is also important to balance this with an awareness of the challenges employees face in separating work and home life. Far from spending days “working from home” that are actually slumped in front of the TV, employees who are anxious to avoid giving the appearance of being lazy might actually be working extra hours. Employers should focus on concrete measures of actual output over appearances and encourage employees to balance their job and personal life.

At the core of this is trust. Managers need to let go of the urge to micromanage and feel confident that employees will deliver the work they need. At the same time, they do need to ensure that employees are fulfilling their duties. This is best done by being clear with employees about what is objectively expected of them and then giving them the freedom to work out how they can best accomplish those objectives.

In some ways, remote performance appraisals have the potential to be fairer than those conducted in person since the focus tends to be purely on the work instead of on personality issues. Effective reviews need to be well-organized. The meeting should be arranged with the employee well in advance, and the employee should have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment. Employers should clearly communicate how long the meeting will take and what its structure will be. They should also go over the employee’s job description, review notes, and work with the employee to set future goals.

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John Rylance

John Rylance

1 year ago #2

Your last paragraph describes good practice whereever the appraisals take place. Some that i have had took place away from my place of work in coffee shops, cafes, never in pubs. Does your vision of remote appraisals envisage, the employer being remote from the office, or firmly in the office. It could make a difference in how the appraisal is conducted. Two questions asked of the employee, in one place i worked was a) Who would you like to appraise you? b) where you like the appraisal to take place? I was part of a peripatetic team, therefor remote was the norm. It worked well.

Greg Rolfe

Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #1

Interesting. A couple of things to think about. Thank you.

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