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How Scraping LinkedIn Data Can Give You A Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors?


How Scraping Linkedin
Data Can Give You a
Competitive Edge

Over Your Competitors?


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In the era of digital world, data is an important part in any growing business. Apart from extracting core data for investigation, companies believe in the usefulness of open internet data for competitive benefits. There are various data resources, but we consider LinkedIn as the most advantageous data source.

LinkedIn is the largest social media website for professionals and businesses. Also, it is one of the best sources for social media data and job data. Using LinkedIn web scraping, it becomes easy to fetch the data fields to investigate performance.

LinkedIn holds a large amount of data for both businesses and researchers. Along with finding profile information of companies and businesses, it is also possible to get data for profile details of the employees. LinkedIn is the biggest platform for job posting and searching jobs related information.

LinkedIn does not provide an inclusive API that will allow data analysts to access.

How Valuable is LinkedIn Data?

LinkedIn has registered almost 772 million clients among 200 countries. According 2018 data, there is 70% growth in information workers for the LinkedIn platform among 1.25 billion global workers’ population.

There are about 55 million firms, 14 million disclosed job posts, and 36000 skills are mentioned in LinkedIn platform. Hence, it is proved that web data for LinkedIn is extremely important for Business Intelligence.

Which type of Information Is Extracted From LinkedIn Scraping?

Millions of data items are accessible on the platform. There is some useful information for customers and businesses. Here are several data points commonly utilized by LinkedIn extracting services. According to data facts, LinkedIn registers two or more users every second!

Public data

Having 772 million registered user accounts on LinkedIn and increasing, it is not possible to manually tap on the capital of such user information. There are around 100 data opinions available per LinkedIn account. Importantly, LinkedIn’s profile pattern is very reflective where a employer enters entire details of career or study history. Then it possible goes to rebuild an individual’s professional career from their work knowledge in a information.

Below shown is an overview of data points fetched from a personal LinkedIn useCompany DataOrganizations invest resources for upholding their LinkedIn profile using key firmographic, job data, and public activity. Fetching main firmographic data will enhance companies to remain ahead of the opposite companies and investigate the market site. Firms need to search filters such as industry, business size, and geological location to receive detailed competitive intelligence.

It is possible to scrape company’s data with necessary information as shown below:

Social Listening Information:

Either in research, business discipline, or any other economics, what data a top executive will share on social media platforms is as valuable as statistics with probable business impact. We can capture new market expansion, executive hires, and product failures, M&As, or departures. This is the fact because individuals and companies initiate to be more live on LinkedIn.

The point is to stay updated on those indicators by observing the social actions of the top experts and companies.

One can fetch data from the social actions of LinkedIn by highlighting the below data points.

How Businesses use LinkedIn Data Scraping?


Using all the available data, how will business effectively utilize the data to compete in the market. To learn this, there are few common use cases for information.


Having the capability of rebuilding whole careers for creating a LinkedIn profile, one can only think how broad it is in the research arena.

Research institutions and top academic are initiating to explore the power of information and are even starting to integrate LinkedIn in their publications as a reference.

We can choose an example as fetching all the profiles corporated with company X from 2012 to 2018 and collecting data items such like skills, and interacting to the sales presentation of the company X. It can be assumed that few abilities found in workers would result in an outstanding company.

Human Resources

Human resources are all about people, and LinkedIn is a database record of experts across the globe. One creates a competitive advantage that goes to any recruiter, HR technical SaaS, or any service provider. It is obvious that searching them physically on LinkedIn is not that extensible, but it is valuable when you have all the data with you.

Alternative Information For Finance

Financial organizations are looking forward for data to calculate better investment capability of the company. That is where people’s data play an important role and drives the presentation of the company.

The capability of LinkedIn User information of all the employees cannot be judged. Organizations can utilize this information to monitor business hierarchies, educational backgrounds, functional compositions, and more. Furthermore, gathering the information will provide insights like key departures/ executive hires, talent acquisition policies, and geographical market expansions.

Ways to Extract LinkedIn Data

Looking forward to reader’s advantage, web data scraping for LinkedIn is a method that will use computer programming to enhance data fetching from several sources like sites, digital media platforms, e-commerce, and webpages business platforms. If someone is professional enough to build the scraper, then you can build it. But, extracting LinkedIn information has its challenges with a huge figure of information and social media platform control.

There are various LinkedIn data scraping tools available in the marketplace with distinguishing factors such as data points, data quality, and aggregation scale. Selecting the perfect data partner according to your company’s requirement is quite difficult.

Here at iWeb Scraping, our data collecting methods are continuously evolving in providing LinkedIn extracting service delivering scraping results with well-formatted complete data points, datasets, and even first-class data.


LinkedIn is a far-reaching and filter-after data source from public and company information. This is predictable for more growth as the company continues to utilize more employers. The possibility of using the volume of data is boundless and business firms might start capitalization for this opportunity.

Unless you know the effective methods for scraping, it is better to use LinkedIn scrapers developed by experts. Also, you can ping us for more assistance regarding LinkedIn data web scraping.

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