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How Our Thoughts Lead To Actions

Thoughts lead to actions. Actions have consequences.

Our thoughts arise out of a complex mix that's made up of what we know (knowledge we possess or can gain access to), the way we feel (our emotional state of mind that is in itself the result of many conscious and subconscious factors), our values (what we hold to be true to ourselves) and our needs (the things that drive us forward towards actions).

It is mostly needs that we think lead us to act but in truth it is all of the elements detailed. Our actions, in turn are constrained or enabled by the environment we find ourselves in, our traits and behavior (which suggests we make executive decisions that determine the best course of action) and, of course, the methodology we employ (which will augment or further hinder the actions we intend to take).

The elements that govern our actions determine the performance we are capable of (the "deliver" part of this equation). Our performance is governed by both aims (immediate and tactical) and goals (long term and strategic) as well as by the value of context within the performance takes place and, of course, the outcome.

We measure the outcome and evaluate the way we performed, most times. This leads to the closing of the loop as the information we discover becomes part of our store of knowledge. It adds to our emotions and leads to the cycle beginning all over again.

There is a point to all this. An important one. If we are aware of what exactly is happening at every stage of this cycle we can actually take the steps necessary to improve at every point.

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