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How Online Education Could Change Academia Forever

How Online Education Could Change Academia Forever

The Coronavirus pandemic changed almost all aspects of life. Due to the pandemic, daily lifestyle and the global economy took a new turn. Bars closed their doors, public recreational centers are almost no-go zones, and several workers now operate from home to control crowds. Among the aspects that faced alteration is the education sector. Over 1.2 billion school-going children globally have to stay home due to the closure of schools. However, that doesn’t discontinue learning since most schools and universities are rapidly adopting online learning. Here are a few changes that higher education may face a few years from now.

1. Students Can Now Enroll To Their Favorite Schools

 Distance has always been a barrier for most students aspiring to join certain universities and colleges. With education happening virtually, all students have a chance to enroll where they want to learn as long as they meet the school’s criteria.

2. Higher Education Could Get Less Costly

 Classroom education involves a lot of costs that may not be necessary with online learning. Expenses like laboratory fees, accommodation, commuter fees, parking fees, and others that fund in-person learning won’t be there again. The reduction of learning expenditure will likely offer learners room to save and may also change student loans.

3. A Complete Change of Lifestyle

 The change of learning trend doesn’t just affect learners. Instructors also have to prepare and deliver their lessons remotely. That way, work-from-home strategy thrives, social lives get altered, and training mode, even for the tutors, may take a new direction. Similarly, schools are an excellent socialization platform for students. With no physical interactions, the social lives change considerably.

4. Schools May Resort To Live Events

 Baseball and football have been excellent money-making operations, provide a platform for alumni to unite and socialize, and boost fundraising since they attract many fans. These physical events may not be available in the future, but schools may develop virtual events and games to take their part.

 Historically, momentous alterations often take effect when unanticipated occurrences force extensive testing of a new idea. The coronavirus pandemic is such occurrences and is currently pushing the implementation of different procedures around the globe. Education is such a sector under alteration, and if remote teaching bears fruits, then academia in the world over will likely open a new face to its system.

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6 months ago #2

Thank you for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!

John Rylance

John Rylance

6 months ago #1

Interesting. A thought springs to mind. This assumes that there is a responsible adult to safeguard the child/ children in the home. During lockdown most adults were either furloughed or working from home, this is now changing And more people now need to be out of the home to earn money. No doubt benefits will cease to be paid etc. Not everyone lives in a house where children can do school work and adults work at an acceptable level. Im not saying it couldnt happen, but alot needs to be considered before online education is viable.

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