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How Many Fast Food And Restaurant Have Closed In 2020?

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How Many Fast Food
and Restaurant Have
Closed in 2020?



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In August 2020, there were a total of 509 fast food and restaurant shut down in the United States. With 58 closures, California had 11.3 % of all the fast food and restaurant closures.

The Locationscloud has analyzed 170 Restaurants and Fast-food chains across the United States. We discovered that 56 of those businesses had forced to close their outlets by August 2020.

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Total Number Of Fast Food And Restaurant Closures Per State

California has 58 food and restaurant store closures in the United States. Texas came second with 56(10.9%) store closures, and Pennsylvania came third with 29 (5.6 %) closures.

States Having The Fastest Food And Restaurant Closures


Cities With Maximum Fast Food And Restaurant Closures

With six shop closures each, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Chicago are the cities with the most store closures.
The cities with the most retail closures are listed in the table below.

Number of ClosuresCity
6San Antonio
5Kansas City
Las Vegas

Percentage Of Fast Food And Restaurant Store Closures In 2020

Rita’s Italian Ice, the business with the highest percentage of closed outlets, closed 3.4 % of the entire stores in August. Schlotzsky’s (2.8 %) and Chick-Fil-A were the next two restaurants on the list (2.4%).

The top five chains with the greatest number of closures are listed in the table below.

ProviderPercentage of Closures
Rita’s Italian Ice3.4%
Chick-Fil- A2.4%
Pizza Hut1.3%

Downloading The Dataset

The Locationscloud Data Store has location data for thousands of categories in areas such as automotive, healthcare, grocery, and more. You can acquire datasets with data points like product launches, shop closures, parking availability, in-store pickup availability, activities, affiliates, nearby competitor stores, and much more if you subscribe to one of our store data plans.

The whole dataset used in this investigation is available for download from our data store. The following table contains a unique and limited sample of records so that you can examine the fields and data we provide:

Looking for Research Analysis? Contact Locationscloud today!

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