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How Did Formula One Get Started?

How Did Formula One Get Started?


Formula One (F1) is one of the most popular racing series in the world. F1 features single-seater cars that are constructed with some of the best aerodynamic designs in the world. F1, originally known as Formula A, was born and still reigns in Europe. As denoted by the word “formula” in its name, there are a variety of rules that govern F1 and that teams must adhere to as they complete the seasons. F1 is a great sport that has a rich history within and outside of racing.


World War 2 placed a big halt on the development of F1. Originally brought up as an idea in 1930, the first season of F1 races didn’t occur until 1946, after World War 2 was over. While the development of a drivers’ championship was mentioned in 1947, the first world championship didn’t take place until 1950. The 1950 F1 World Championship took debuted at Silverstone Circuit in Silverstone, England. Due to operating costs and a large number of deaths, F1 initially had issues attracting teams to race in the championships.


As racing technology improved, more teams began to race in F1. As a result of a Cooper design in 1950, race teams began to race using rear-engined cars rather than the front-engined cars they were utilizing in prior years. A variety of teams began to dominate the sport and private entries became obsolete by the 1970s. The introduction of advanced aerodynamics and turbochargers allowed larger teams to succeed over teams with lesser-budgets.

As races began to become more dangerous, as a result of highly-competitive drivers and high-performance cars, F1 officials began to place bans on a variety of things. Firstly, in 1989, turbochargers were banned from the use of an F1 team. The 1994 death of Ayrton Senna, one of the most dominant drivers in F1 history, created a wave that led to the F1A passing a set of regulations for F1 cars. Since Senna’s death in Imola, Italy there haven’t been any additional F1-related deaths.

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